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#1 ByronSpiegal on 8 years ago

After all the working out I've done, I've decided that I'm going to redo my Portgas D. Ace costume for AAC. Mainly because I'm ashamed of how I looked when I went as him earlier this year, but I like how I look now, and feel ready to do it better this time. With that said I was wondering how many of you kind folk have reached or are close to reaching your ideal shape for a certain costume you wanna pull off, I'd love to hear about it or even see some pics ^_^

#2 ickaboo on 8 years ago

Good luck! I'm trying to get fit for my Morrigan costume.

#3 distantarray on 8 years ago

Kinda embarassing but o wells.

[b]around June 2009[/b] worst shape of my life, bad dieting, stressed out, and probably worst point of my life. approximate body fat 25% body fat @ 165 pounds


Sept 14 2009 better diet, worked out at home with 20 pound dumbbells push ups etc for 2 months. Joined YMCA gym around when the picture was taken. @ Approximately 155 pounds

[b]Dec 19 2009[/b] 4 months hard hitting the gym, started on protein shakes, and jack3d pre-workout for energy. lifted every day when my muscles weren't overly sore, focused on form, minimal rest, better diet, NO RUNNING OF ANY TYPE. Just cardio with weights with minimal rest to keep my heart rate up =)


Then took 6months off cause I got lazy after 2month vacation to Vietnam, then 2months back on.


I just got my size back, although I look much fatter now =( gained a bit of thickness in my chest, a improved lat spread, and little more traps. Although I think I got little fatter =\ @ 165 pounds lookin for 5 more pounds then going on a cutting cycle (ACTUALLY GONNA HIT THE TREADMILL OMG)

#4 Kasinator on 8 years ago

What started as a 3 month goal became an obsession to me. This is the result of almost one years worth of training. I now am in the best shape of my life and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. :)



#5 xDriftxQueenx on 8 years ago

I feel like a lurker at this point, but only the two of you have success stories up! You guys look great. C: Very sexy abs there, I must comment on.

#6 TheTurtleHermit on 8 years ago

Very nice. I'm going to try hard to lose some weight and I'll post back here.

#7 Kiro on 8 years ago

Ditto. Both of your before/after pics are very inspirational, granted I'll be starting a bit further behind than you two.

I'll be back here in a few months with whatever progress I make in that time. Won't work miracles, but some progress is better than no progress.

#8 Ghai on 8 years ago

Im working on this right now actually. I started out in july at 290, by far the worst of my life. I started taking pics every two weeks since the end of july, and I'm currently down to 275. I'm making a sideshow for when I hit 235 again so I'll have a constant reminder of why to work out and to see the progress. I'll post when it happens

#9 Giant Alucard on 8 years ago

I started out as 270 lbs in may (i'm 6'8, so it wasn't too bad). As of now I'm 180 lbs. will post pics when I find where I put them haha.

#10 theonlyangel77 on 8 years ago

October 2008 I was 180lbs (i was Pregnant!!!!!)
after having my baby boy, i have been working hard on getting fit.
you wont see any photos of me that big in cosplay because i avoided it, but i will post some pics when i find them, before after sorta thing... It was crazy i was 125 before the pregnancy and gained 55lbs during, my doctor said sometimes it just happens. My goal is to be back at my old weight by Katsucon in Feb 2011.

#11 benihime on 8 years ago

me 4 years ago:

185 pounds. biggest i've EVER been

myself now? 152 pounds. i've been slacking or else i would be smaller.

i'm trying to get down to 130-135 and i'm hoping to get there by next year!

#12 distantarray on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Giant Alucard;3651584]I started out as 270 lbs in may (i'm 6'8, so it wasn't too bad). As of now I'm 180 lbs. will post pics when I find where I put them haha.[/QUOTE]

o_O isn't 180 a bit light for 6'8?

#13 distantarray on 8 years ago

well I hope Jess doesn't get mad for posting her pics, but this was a girl who asked for some workout advice around late last year. I dunno if she's still an active poster or not, but personally I thought she looked pretty good already anyways she listened to a lot of our advice =)

Mainly active people around that time was me, Andy Lee, Dr.Pepper, and Eminai =)



personally I didn't think she had 20 pounds to lose, but she did it and looks amazing now, and she actually lifts weights =o

i'm only posting cause she had great results and no girls have yet to post any before or afters

#14 HEYOashley on 8 years ago

Whoah super skinny. I can see the difference in that outfit. I don't think she needed to lose 20 either, but to each their own. I love the results though.

@ Benihime: In comparison to your avatar and the photo you posted, you can really see the difference. :D

#15 Giant Alucard on 8 years ago

You would think it is, but im still