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#1 KUJO3423 on 7 years ago

I don't want to have to deal with the online ticket drama next year so I am planning to buy my 2012 tickets at the con. My questions are 1) How early do they let people line up for them, 2) where do you buy them and 3) is it credit only? Thanks in advance! :)

#2 El_Duque on 7 years ago

From experience...

1. The moment you are under the Sails Pavilion on Preview Night is the moment people will line up to get their registration for next year.

2. In the Sails Pavilion next to the badge pickup. You'll see a huge sign saying pre-reg for Comic Con 2012, you can't miss it.

3. They can take Credit Card, Checks, and Cash.

#3 AnimeGamer on 7 years ago

I'll be honest right now - if they're smart, they're not going to have on-site sales as that would cause major drama of epic nerd rage proportions. People who do not have Preview Night will probably never ever see Preview Night ever again if they have on-site sales on Preview Night. Not only that, it's highly doubtful that by the end of the con, next year's con won't be sold out because everyone will have the same train of thought of "oh god buy ticket for next year now."

Of course, that's provided that they can find a ticket selling company that can handle 1mil+ people jamming the ticket selling server for a shot of going to Comic-Con. Or if they ramp up the ticket cost greatly to stifle demand.

I would've never thought Comic-Con would experience the same ticket issues that BlizzCon used to have because of the 150,000 attendance cap. Boy was I wrong...

#4 LittleKagsin on 7 years ago

I think I remember them announcing pre-reg for next year on Thursday..
And I actually heard the announcement, so I doubt you would miss it. Yeah, you can just follow the signs and you'll find it for sure.
I'm not sure if they're planning on doing something different, since they seem to change their game plan a lot. But you can always ask a staffer when you get there.

#5 sicdedman on 7 years ago

yea, while you are there GET the Badge even if it is only a 1 day,that way you can stay ahead of Online sales cause at least you will have a Badge to get in next year and not have to Compete with Online!

well i had a chance to get a Badge this year, i passed on it like a dork. i should have at least pad for the one day just to give myself an opening to buy a badge for next year even if i dont go. that way i dont have to deal with Online sale's. but thats ok, now i have had more money to spend for Anime Expo,PMX, and Anime La coming up.

Comic-con for me anyways if just Taking Pictures,getting a few autographs and meeting a few people (Which is FUN!) but after going the past 4 years straight it got stale for me in a way. but for those ALL going I hope you all have an Awesome Time!

#6 Transmute Jun on 7 years ago

If you look at the convention center maps posted here;


You'll notice that '2012 Badge Sales' is NOT listed in the Sails Pavilion. There is only a blank space between Badge Pickup and Artist's Alley. I'm not sure what this means... were they too lazy to put it in, are they place 2012 Badge Sales elsewhere, or are they not selling at all?

#7 KUJO3423 on 7 years ago

Ok so the only to pick up at 2012 ticket is to have a 2011 tix right? I ask becuase we only have Fri and Sat passes and I was hoping to get pick everything up on Wed night or Thrus day, even though Comic Con's main page says I can't do that till Fri am. : ( However I don't want to miss a minute of stuff on Friday because I am waiting in line for next year. Plus I don't think I will have as much free time next year to do the hand cramping, 3 hour refreshing like I did this year.

#8 bugbrother on 7 years ago

they should eliminate all advanced sales and go back to the one person, one pass rule, it was fair and none of the bullshit that occured this year...I had to book a hotel for a jacked up rate to get a pass, what a load of crap

#9 Luxuria85 on 7 years ago

You should see what The Beat has posted about Pre-Reg for next year. I personally want an official posting from CCI themselves. This article is already creating a panic:


#10 El_Duque on 7 years ago

OMG I'm confused. Is it Thursday as of tommorow or during the event?

#11 Luxuria85 on 7 years ago

The event.

#12 El_Duque on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Luxuria85;4046889]The event.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, I was worried for a second.

#13 Luxuria85 on 7 years ago

Haha it wouldn't be too smart to have the sale now. Then only San Diegans would be going next year. Also, I'm waiting for the official word from CCI.

#14 Patcave on 7 years ago

Wow! $175 for a 4-day pass plus Preview Night ($150 without preview night).

#15 AnimeGamer on 7 years ago

I wouldn't be so trusting of that article until you hear from CCI themselves. That article might be pure speculation, especially since the internal mailer for CCI usually states that no one from within CCI themselves should discuss ANY issues relating to Comic-Con to the press, on facebook, on twitter, or anywhere else where it can cause a panic.

We'll find out how much prices will really be and where pre-reg 2012 will be at when we get to the con.

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