Room for 2

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#1 Minty Macaron on 7 years ago

Not likely, but anyone need a room? I have room at the Hilton Anaheim for Thurs-Mon. But I know everyone is on a budget. lol It would be $199 each for two people. You will get a bed and will be sharing it with one other. Room is a suite btw.

#2 Minty Macaron on 7 years ago


#3 RoMayDrako on 7 years ago

Yeah I have room for a person to, I don't think there is many people looking.

#4 Minty Macaron on 7 years ago

Pretty much. I hope I can get at least one other though, but like I said it's not likely at all. Everyone is either staying with a friend or they booked a room else where. Finding roomies for Cali cons is far too difficult. >