Syaoran artbook version - need help!

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#1 AkatsukiSky on 7 years ago

Hi! I am struggling quite a bit here on [URL=""]this version[/URL] of Syaoran. Actually, it's just that little unusual bias tape on the corner of the cape.

I found a way to do the little bump under the wing design without any problem, but can't seem to figure out a way to do the round shape in the corner :(. Anyone did this or has a solution? I'm kind of lost here ._.

Thank you~

#2 Mehdia on 7 years ago

If I would have made that costume, I would have done the red details all as appliques instead of bias. But at that curve, you might just have to make it a little squarer than the picture, just to save your sanity to do that tiny little curve.

#3 AkatsukiSky on 7 years ago

Ahah it that was for me, that's what I would have done for sure :P Unfortunately it is not, and that thing needs to be a curve... If it really can't, then I'll try to deal. Thing is, I saw pictures of people who did it, but I don't know if it is merely heat and bond (which I am trying to avoid) :\

#4 GunKatCosplay on 7 years ago

I could have sworn I answered this already but I appear to be missing so, It might meant that you have to redo all of the bias taping, however I am using spandex as the piping just like you would use Bias tape around my Saber costume because it has the same thing on the corners of the front piece. All of it is being done in that spandex due to stupidities in her design, but if you can correctly color match, you may be able to get away with just that part.