Good Anime to watch that has ended?

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#16 ChocoboxDreamer on 7 years ago

Regarding your last anime "want," I suggest watching School Days.

#17 Rangiku12 on 7 years ago

Ninja nonsense and school days sound great. Checking them both out.

#18 Ludger03 on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=arrancar12;4483818]Ninja nonsense and school days sound great. Checking them both out.[/QUOTE]

If you happen to like School days, then I would suggest watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (when they cry). Both are Drama, psychological and mysterious.

For humor but as well as Action like Bleach, Naruto etc.. I suggest:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn . The manga is still going like Bleach but the Anime already ended.

#19 Miyabi- on 7 years ago

Chrono Crusade! It's my all time favorite and it has demons, nuns and tons of butt kicking! ^_^

#20 IenzoRenaNipah on 6 years ago

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. It's funny in the begging, then....well... see for yourself!

#21 epicserendipity on 6 years ago

Birdy the Mighty: Decode.
Definitely one of my absolute favorite anime. It has a great story line, plot archs that move along brilliantly, you actually feel for the characters, and there are definately tear-worthy moments.

Nothing like Nanako's, er...... moment.... in Persona 4, but still. Very tear worthy.

Don't watch the OVA from the 90's. Tsutomu Senkawa's English dub is so whiny, it's painful. The plot in that one is lacking.

#22 SuperBee on 6 years ago

Oh boy do I have one for you!

Someone suggested it to me, and it's a "fairly" recent one... it's called Is this a Zombie?

It's got zombies, a necromancer, a magical girl, NINJAS THAT ARE VAMPIRES, evil demons, a chain saw, and tons of random adventures.

#23 sillymyway on 6 years ago

I suggest Ghost Hound. It has some humor, mystery, horror, and romance. And it's a nice length of 22 episodes. A little mix for everyone I guess.

#24 sylgard on 6 years ago

id suggest the hellsing OVAS theyre a bit dark(who am i kidding, very dark) but the animation is superb and its made of pure awesome