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#1 Creative Genius on 5 years ago

heeeeey everyone... >_< i don't think i've ever gotten my costumes critiqued but here goes nothing.
Here is my cosplay of Daenerys Stormborn...in herr Khaleesi outfit
The shirt is just burlap because i couldn't find a fabric that was close to her actually shirt without weaving it myself....which i cant do .... i don't have the talent
also the colors are darker. her leggings and boots should be more of a sandy color but boots that color are so hard to find i had to go for a brown that matched my burlap.

Here is my costume (the gallery of it)

here is the ref:

#2 Melancholy Wish on 5 years ago

Looks nothing like her.

#3 Visage on 5 years ago

Greetings Creative Genius,

I would have assumed you were Daenerys, mostly because of the hair color and the makeup you used for your arms and legs. I have seen very little of Game of Thrones, but I know who she is and I would have assumed you were a GoT cosplayer. However, with the reference right there, I notice some things that could be improved.

I understand that the materials used for some of her costume are not things that are easily accessible, however the top really does not resemble hers very well. I would seriously consider starting from square 1 on the top. Maybe home dec would have some nice fabrics you could use, or even maybe consider a type of denim fabric you could dye and wear a bit? I'm not 100% sure what type of fabric you could use but what you have doesn't really work too well. It also doesn't look like your top fits the same way hers does. In particular, your left side doesn't look right. I feel like it should be up higher. Your top also looks to be cut straight across at the collarbone, whereas hers looks to be more of a sweetheart halter. If this is a modesty reason, that's perfectly understandable, but just thought I'd point it out.

I like the belt. It could stand a little more weathering, but it's definitely a pretty good match.

The skirt panels could use some fixing up, I think. I would consider looking to see if you could get a fabric that isn't as dramatically brown. I'd probably look for something more neutral or taupe-colored, since her skirt isn't really a well-defined color. Additionally, the skirt panels look like they don't quite match in shape and they're not quite rough enough around the edges. The cut of her panels look different. Yours look like they might be more dramatically angled than hers. I'd try some practice shapes out of muslin or bad fabric before you alter/cut the good stuff. Your cuts are very clean and straight. Hers look much more worn and beaten. I would consider checking into ways to achieve that type of look, as I know it can be done. I wish I could offer some suggestions on that, but I've never weathered/dirtied fabric before.

I'm not quite sure where the criss-crossing fabric over the boots comes from, since I don't see it on the reference. I would probably consider removing it.

You look very pretty in your photos, and I love the makeup! If you're trying to be recognized as the character, I think you've succeeded. If you're trying for accuracy, I think you're definitely on the right track; it just needs some reworks. :)

Hope this critique was helpful! :)

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