Valve anyone?

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#1 JellySpIIrt on 6 years ago

Is anyone going to be wearing cosplays from Valve this Youmacon?
If so, we should all start a gathering and take over Youmacon.

I'll be wearing Red Sniper either Day 1 or Day 3, or both. 8D

#2 Hearthem on 6 years ago

hey! i'm going to try to be red scout one of the days.

You should look at youmacon's forum. there's a thread for valve and a thread for tf2 already :)

#3 JellySpIIrt on 5 years ago

I think the Valve gathering there is the one that I made. haha
We need to form a giant red group and wander around and confuse people.

#4 Shei Valentine on 5 years ago

I'll be there as GLaDOS. Just look for the orange and blue lights :)