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#1 ladyjokershay on 5 years ago

Hey guys anyone know where I could get a good 9th Doctor sonic screwdriver? Thanks!

#2 Dreamerwolf on 5 years ago

Think Geek : [url][/url]

#3 seiryuux on 5 years ago

[URL=""]ThinkGeek[/URL] has a couple that would work:

1) [URL=""]Tenth Doctor sonic screwdriver[/URL]. This is what I use for my Ninth Doctor cosplay. It's the almost same SSD that both Nine and Ten; the only differences are that Nine's SSD is beige and doesn't extend like Ten's SSD.

2) Vortex Manipulator/Nine's SSD set. This SSD is still not beige, but it doesn't extend. Unfortunately, it's also only a flashlight; the SSD above can make sound effects. The Vortex Manipulator can be used for a future Captain Jack Harkness cosplay.

Both are the same price, so it just depends on whether you want the one with sound effects or two cosplay pieces.

#4 ladyjokershay on 5 years ago

Thanks! I'll probably get the think geek one at least I can use it for a 10th Doctor cosplay as well lol XD

#5 seiryuux on 5 years ago

Whoops, I didn't link you to the Vortex Manipulator/SSD set. [URL=""]Here you go[/URL]!

#6 Pirogoeth05 on 5 years ago

In case anyone was looking for somewhere to get any sonic screwdriver, [URL=""]Forbidden Planet[/URL] is the perfect place. They have Three's, Four's, Five's, Eight's, War's, Ten's, River's, and Eleven's.

Yes, they have Five and Eight! Right now Five's is out of stock, but they will be restocking. I've gone ahead and ordered an Eight. Squee!!!