Toonmakers Sailor Moon

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#1 Tabby Catty on 6 years ago

Well, recently a lot of animation cells and part of the script got leaked as well as pictures of Toonmakers! Darien and Queen Beryl and just plain clearer pictures of everyone making this more feasable.

It seems like a lot of stuff from Sailor Moon has been done multiple times and I love the series, but I am always looking to do something different and undone, therefore, I decided to go ahead and take a shot at Toonmaker's Sailor Moon.

So, I was wondering, has anyone else on here considered cosplaying the characters or am I just kinda crazy?

I'll admit and say I really wish I could have seen what it would be like had it came into fruition just because, well, I like watching really bad cartoons. This aborted project seems to have somewhat of a cult following.