Anime Cosplayers On Friday?

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#1 Kaze Saffire on 5 years ago

Who's cosplaying from an anime on Friday? I ask this because while I am mainly cosplaying two characters in the day, their outfit is pretty generic, and works for quite a few characters. So I'd like to bring some wigs along and snap pictures with you if I run into you during my downtime/while waiting on line for something.

Characters I can be: Shizuo ( Durarara )
Pretty much any host from Ouran
Gray Fullbuster ( Fairy Tail )
Tsuna Sawada ( Reborn )
Male Stocking ( Panty and Stocking )
Reno ( Final Fantasy VII )
Roxas/Xion ( Kingdom Hearts )
Minato Arisato ( Persona 3 )
*Yosuke Hanamura ( Persona 4 )


#2 Apocalypticai on 5 years ago

I'm cosplaying as Ruby from RWBY which... I think it counts as an anime! XD