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#1 PoutyBear on 5 years ago

Hey everyone!

I was curious if anyone here plays WoW or wants to? I play on Lightninghoof (which is a pretty beat server :/) But if anyone is looking to join or reroll I'd be down to tag along to make the leveling process more fun :D I've only played horde, but if someone's looking to roll ally I wouldn't mind since I've never leveled as alliance and it'd be something new and fun. But yeah, lemme know if you need a refer-a-friend, scroll of res, ect, cause I got you lol :bigtu:

#2 Mykaios on 5 years ago

I used to play. My main was a feral druid DPS/tank.

#3 PoutyBear on 5 years ago

Wee! My main is feral as well :D

#4 Shin Gouki on 5 years ago

I used to be a WoW GM. It destroyed my will to play video games and I couldn't be happier!

#5 Arc_The_Lad on 5 years ago

Used to play seriously, not anymore, got bored.

#6 Sybren117 on 5 years ago

Used to play seriously, then Cata came out.

#7 PoutyBear on 5 years ago

Daw, yeah. I feel like I hardly log in anymore since most of my friends left. But I just resubbed after about 5-6 months cause I really enjoy the game, it's just that as soon as I log in, I realize why I left lol. That's why I'm looking to find people to reroll on a new server with though because the one I'm on now feels so deserted.

#8 Chiagirl on 5 years ago

I did the free to play until lv 20 thing, but even though I liked the game, I didn't like it enough to pay $15 a month for it. Even being a member for a month using the prepaid card that comes with the game disc you can buy from walmart or wherever, the price is still to high for what I'd be getting out of it.

#9 PoutyBear on 5 years ago

Yeah, the price can definitely be daunting. My boyfriend just server transferred too so he's spent $40 on the game this month lol. But I see your point. If I didn't have a few friends who still played I probably wouldn't want to pay either. The other factor is that it works on pretty much any computer. I only have a 2005 Mac that I got for school and I can't play any games on it lol. So WoW is the only decent MMO (that I know of) that it can even run. If I save up and get a new computer I'd love to check out some of these new F2P MMOs but for now imma be Wowzing it up.