Help!!! Cybermen Costume

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#1 Renmat on 5 years ago


Need Advise. Making my first attempt at making a Cybermen costume for NYCC. What would be the best material to fabricate the costume. Weight is a major issue issue and breathability.

#2 Pirogoeth05 on 5 years ago

[url][/url] is a great place to ask for help. It's full of amazingly talented Doctor Who costumers, some of whom have made Cybermen. Right now a good chunk of the board is recovering from Dragon*Con, but they will be very helpful.


#3 Siren61 on 5 years ago

If you're still looking for help, check out theRPF: they have a couple of really good threads on Cyberman builds.


And here's one from the 405th, with templates and whatnot: