Venture Bros, anyone?

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#1 ArsenalFierce13 on 13 years ago

I was just curious if anyone out there has done or was considering Venture Bros costumes. I'm scheming to do Dr. Girlfriend and have friends who want to be Dr. Orpheus and Brock Samson, although who knows when we'll actually do this since we were considering it for Halloween and I won't even be in the country then if the JET Program takes me. But anyway, has anyone else been tempted to do costumes from this series?

#2 Miyabi- on 13 years ago

I've wanted to do The Monarch! I'm thinking of trying to get it together for Halloween as well. I've already got a black bodysuit that I can use!

#3 Kate-chan on 13 years ago

I want to do a Dean cosplay, but I have to finish up at least a couple more of my own costumes first and at least start work on one of my planned costumes.
The Venture Brothers is one of my favorite american made cartoons (other than my much adored The Simpsons!^_^)right now.

#4 Claireon on 13 years ago

A friend and I were tossing around ideas--I'd be Dr. Girlfriend, she'd be Molotov Cocktease--but she doesn't really cosplay, so it's not likely to happen. It would rock, though. :D

#5 Neo_Serenity on 13 years ago

LOL... I've wanted to do Dr. Girlfriend too...she's so cool. I love the way she always rolls her eyes at The Monarch when he's not looking. Anway... it would be cool to see someone cosplay from them!

#6 Dark Nova Seiya on 13 years ago

I would love ( eats typos) to see some one dress as the monarch i really like him or do the mechasheeva thing lmao that was hillarous

#7 ArsenalFierce13 on 13 years ago

KonekoMiyabi: Hey, I could use a Monarch! ^_^

Claireon: It's funny, I almost did Molotov Cocktease for Halloween when my then-boyfriend wanted to be Brock Samson, but the plans fell through and I just wore I-no again. It would've just been mostly stuff I had lying around, though, nothing too complicated.

#8 JennMidori on 13 years ago

I LOVE this show. Hands down, the best original AS show.

I don't think I'd go as far as to cosplay from it, though, except maybe Molotov... It's the heart-shaped eyepatch that does it for me. XD I really wanna see mroe of her and Brock in the series.

#9 Rainblossom on 13 years ago

Oh my geez....I'm going to make some Monarch t-shirts with the Monarch symbol on them. I love this show! Dr. EX-Girlfriend rules my school.

~Hayley Jane

#10 Lady on 13 years ago

Haha, a friend and I have been tossing around the idea of duct taping ourselves together to either form MECHASHIVA or Tiny Attorney. Though, if I had the body for it, I would do Molotov Cocktease in a heartbeat and force him to be Brock. Good times, man, good times.

If I ever saw a Monarch or Dr. Orpheus, I would pee my fangirlie pants with glee.

#11 Lita chan on 13 years ago

Dr. Oprheus is my favorite.."Who wants...Pizza rolls?" iw ould so love to have my friend go as him handing out business cards and saying if you want an archrival call upon me.

#12 Loki-sama on 13 years ago

Well, I've been toying around with the idea of Dr.Orpheus just mainly because of his saying, "Do not be hasty in going in there...I had TACO BELL FOR LUNCH!!!!"

#13 Daitenshi on 13 years ago

Brock is my favorite character, so I want to make Molotov Cocktease for Dragon*Con just to find a Brock and say, "It's always cold in Siberia..." XD

#14 ArsenalFierce13 on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=Loki-sama]Well, I've been toying around with the idea of Dr.Orpheus just mainly because of his saying, "Do not be hasty in going in there...I had TACO BELL FOR LUNCH!!!!"[/QUOTE]

Hehe, my friend who wants to be Orpheus is planning on carrying a Homie with him so he can say, "It's a Homeboys figurine. But be careful, for it contains the souls of two FOULMOUTHED REDNECKS!"

#15 Daitenshi on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=Tia]Actually, you have her body type. Well, as close as any real person could get without surgery. I'm sure you'll make a great Molotov. =)[/QUOTE]

Alas, I lack her boobage, but I'm part Russian, so, um... yeah! XD I just love that show too much. I also have a friend that does a rocking Monarch impression. I'm making a costume for him if he says he's "too lazy" to make one for himself. Yes, it must be done.