Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rose, Zipzee, Pumpkin Cake) at AM2

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#1 LelouchYamazaki on 7 years ago

#2 ElCapitan on 7 years ago

Thanks, been pretty busy the past couple days, hadn't gotten to this.

#3 LelouchYamazaki on 7 years ago

I'd figure the bronies would be happy with the news asap lol

#4 El_Duque on 7 years ago

Cool, I like ponies. Definitely going to try AM2 this year.

#5 El_Duque on 6 years ago

Saw the schedule and Libman's panel is first up at 10am at the Hilton. Do I need a passport to get in the panel or is it free?

#6 ElCapitan on 6 years ago

All panels are free. There are two lines for entry, Passport and General Admittance. The Passport line gets to go in first, but after that all the General Admittance people can enter as well.