Dead Space Level 3/4 Rig

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#1 Nighthawk871 on 8 years ago

Hello everyone. Just joined the forums and was looking to see about some helpful critisism on my costume so far. It's a level 4 rig with the level 3 helmet (because it looks cooler). Being a huge fan of the game, I had to build it, and I hope to get it done in time for Halloween and maybe to wear to a few comicons or something as well. So here's my progress so far.

Well first, a reference, in accordance to forums rules. Now keep in mind, although I am making the level 3 helmet, I will be making the suit a level 4, because not only does it look cooler, but I hate the level 4 helmet.

Here is what I started with. The tube is 1" clear acrylic, lined with .010" styrene. My initial plan was to have two caps that held leds on each end, but opted for a strip of 6 leds running down the back for more even lighting.

Here's a shot of some details added just before paint.

And here it is, painted and weathered. Paint used was Krylon Hammered Copper. Works pretty well.

And a couple shots of it illuminated. It looks more aqua-lightblue in real life. The camera on my phone isn't the best in low-light photography.

Check next post for helmet progress (double-posting due to the 6 photo limit.)

#2 Nighthawk871 on 8 years ago

Now here's the helmet from start to finish. The first pic is the bare base. I got a scateboard helmet for 50 cents at a thrift store, but it was too wide so I cut 1/2" out of the middle, glued it back together, and fiberglassed the inside seam for more strength. Then I puttied the holes with two-part epoxy with microballons.

Front slats added.

Here's a shot of all the details added just before paint. The slats were made from 2 layers of 1/8" balsa, with a 1/32" sheet of plywood on the outside for strenth and smoothness. Front details are balsa coated in epoxy. The black mesh is for me to see out of. It blended in when I painted it quite well.

And here it is painted and weathered.

And illuminated. To make it illuminate, I built up a "light box" behind each slat and used more of the .010 white styrene to line each one. Then I soldered up 10 leds in parallel for each slat, giving it a total of 30 leds. Powered by two AA batteries and each led pulling 20ah, I calculated it to give me about 6-7 hours of battery life.

So that's it so far! The armor and chest pieces will be coming soon. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated!

#3 Algae on 8 years ago

This is, by far, one of the most impressive pieces of costuming I have ever seen.

#4 Nighthawk871 on 8 years ago

Thanks! I've seen way too many Dead Space costumes that were "thrown" together, so I figured I could do better, lol. My main concern was getting the helmet the right size, as most I've seen are way too big and look weird. I'm going to start the armor plates and base suit next in hopes of getting it done relatively soon.

#5 Algae on 8 years ago

Well so far it looks spot on.

#6 Kikaisaigono on 8 years ago

Absolutely love how you scuffed and "aged" the helmet. Very awesome. The LED lights really make this, and I hope I see you cosplaying this some day, because all the thrown together Dead Space cosplays make me sad. :(

Any idea when you'll be finished? The suit will take forever I'm assuming! D:

#7 Nighthawk871 on 8 years ago

Thanks! Weathering the parts is pretty easy. I just put my basecoat down, and then used different shades of tan and dark greys/browns, watered them down, and used my paintbrush to "flick" the paint on, giving a speckled effect in some areas, then I used silver and drybrushed the edges (moreso in protruding parts). Then after that, I give it a light dull-coat and it's done! Took me only about an hour to paint the helmet.

I hope to be done before Halloween this year. These two were the hardest parts, taking 2 months to do, so the rest should go together smoothly :P

#8 Nighthawk871 on 8 years ago

Took a quick photo for helmet size. I'm concerned it still looks too big. Second opinion? [IMG][/IMG]

#9 LalaFTL on 8 years ago

Scale looks great to me; I don't really think you'll get a good idea of it til the rest is finished. You have to remember that the armor pieces will make you look bulkier, and it's probably a good thing if you think the helmet looks a little big now; it'll be perfect once you're done adding the bulk of the suit.
I also love your weathering. :p Can't wait to see the rest.

#10 2DLogic on 8 years ago

I think the scaling is pretty accurate. As said, adding armor is going to give you more bulk and it looks like you're a pretty big guy as it is.

The helmet and back plate look good so far. Even the segments where the clay(?) isn't perfectly smooth add character to the piece by creating the look of uneven welds

#11 Nighthawk871 on 8 years ago

Thanks for the input. The puttied part on the back is what erks me the most, lol. When I was applying it, the epoxy/microballons was setting up too quickly as I tried to match the curve of the upper part. Being in kind of a hurry to get this thing done, I said screw it and threw some paint on. But as you said, I was hoping it would be played off as intentional texturing, lol.

Edit: Started the upper arm plates. I bought some hobby grade 6-ply plywood, used a template I made on my computer, traced and then cut them out on the bandsaw. To fill the grain, I'm using more epoxy putty and then sanding them smooth. The painted one was a test piece.


#12 Nighthawk871 on 8 years ago

Hey guys, just another quick update on the armor. Got all 12 cut out, and 6 with details added. The othet 6 will be done tommorrow.

The black parts are the little details on the armor that I thought would be too fragile, so I bought some 1/4" conveyer belt from Fleet Farm and made them from that. The other 6 will be done tomorrow when I sober up. A few beers will do that, lol, so I applogize for any grammar mistakes. The parts here are on the arms ([url][/url])


Hopefully tommorrow I cam get them painted.

#13 2DLogic on 8 years ago

Still looking good. I and a friend are keeping watch on this, anxious to see how it turns out.

What are you planning to use for the base suit?

#14 Nighthawk871 on 8 years ago

Thanks, I got all the arm plates painted last night. For the base, I bought a long sleeve corduroy shirt, and a pair of corduroy pants because the texture is the closest I can find. I also bought some faux dark leather which I will be sewing onto the clothes after I get them hemmed up, as they're too big.

I also plan on dry brushing the ridges on the corduroy to give it that metallic look the material on the game seems to have. A pic of the painted armor is coming, and next week I hope to get the chest and back parts done.

#15 Nighthawk871 on 8 years ago

Armor painted!

The chest and back pieces will be done this week, and hopefully the display panel...thing. Lol