Help for the indecisive?

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#1 Can not sew on 8 years ago

So FanExpo is coming up, and I can have up to four costumes (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, but no masq because I assume it will be Saturday and I want to watch Let's Kill Hitler)
The problem is that I can never make up my mind about costumes. Options I'm considering are;
Weeping Angel (100% complete, providing I can find the body paint, though if the heat doesn’t die down it will just melt off anyway)
Femme!5 (Designed, haven’t started construction)
Femme!9 (100%)
Femme!6 (haven’t yet finished the design, but it would be fun and practical to wear)
Femme!8 (See Femme!6)
Romana I (Stones of Blood, Armageddon Factor)
Sarah Jane (Death of the Doctor, The Nightmare Man)

I cannot decide. All I know of my friends is that one will probably be Nine and one with probably be Captain Jack Harkness. I’m leaning towards Femme!9, Stones of Blood Romana, and one of the two Sarah Janes, but I’m not 100% sure and I still have space for one more… I'm a slow knitter so Femme!4 will have to wait until her scarf is done, which won't be by the end of the month.


#2 SaskWhovian on 8 years ago

I would say Nine but if you have friends going as nine already... hrm... Nah, nine for sure! Do it!

Sarah Jane Smith is a must!

Personally I say go with:
Sarah Jane Smith
Ace (What? I like Ace!)

#3 RoseHanabira on 8 years ago

Oohh, Let's Kill Hitler will definitely air on the Saturday? Darnit, I've a wedding to attend to, I'll have to record it. Haha, oh well. This way I can watch Rory punching Hitler in the face anytime I feel sad. :D


I'd say, organize the list by what's the easiest to get done in time. It seems wiser, to me, to do what you know you're able to do given the short amount of time (it's less than a month away now!). Especially if you're dead-set on wearing four different costumes for the duration of the weekend.

However, if that means that you'll put off doing a costume that you REALLY want to do... well, that right there is your answer. Do what you REALLY want to do.

#4 Can not sew on 8 years ago

(Sorry to take so long, I was away for a week with a bad internet connection and no smartphone)
@SaskWhovian; But which Sarah Jane?! All of her outfits are so wonderful! How can I pick between a badass one and one of her lovely waistcoat ones! My friend has agreed that two nines would compliment eachother rather nicely, and I'm sure if we want to do something funny with a photoshoot, our Jack would be overjoyed. And don't worry - I love Ace, too. I think I have an aluminum slugger and some aerosol cans around somewhere, and due to my family's hoarding of 90's clothing, I have pretty much everything I need. I'm somewhat intimidated by the patches, but you know what they say - if it looks accurate from 10 feet... Boy, this'll be a trip to Value Village.
@RoseHanabira Great advice, thank you! If I recall from other threads, you're in Ontario, correct? If you're not at the con Sunday (or at all), Space Channel ususally re-runs the episodes on Sunday. I know they did last season, at least.

#5 RoseHanabira on 8 years ago

I am indeed in Ontario, a relatively short GO-Train ride away from the convention. Ah, I had forgotten that Space does re-runs. If we go on Sunday we likely won't stay any longer than 5 (the con finishes at 6 anyway right?), so hopefully we'll be able to catch the rerun!