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#1 wer on 11 years ago

So, I need a little help with finding the perfect teeth for cosplaying Viral, from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The teeth make the outfit, and seperate the pros from the mundane. Here's a screenshot of the Viral's lovely choppers:


Think anyone can help me find the best-looking teeth for the job? I'm looking for something for both the upper and lower jaws, and are white and relatively flat [[Meaning, I don't want the teeth sticking out of my mouth, or making me look like a zombie hillbilly]]. And perhaps won't cut my mouth to shreds.

#2 pmastamonkmonk on 11 years ago

erm... I feel like those pointy things (If I got the right guy, I can't open photobuckets at school and I'm assuming he's the crazy blonde with spastic vampire teeth ALL OVER HIS MOUTH) would need to be made by a dentist.

Else you'd need to make a mold of all your teeth and thend make spiky ones to go over it.

Seriously though, he looks like he filed each of his teeth into points like that guy from Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. You might not be able to recreate it with... er... teeth. Having them, at least. You can't quite get the spaces without ripping out all of your teeth and replacing them ^^;

#3 Lamp on 11 years ago

I'm going to be using [URL=""]these[/URL]. They aren't quite the same, but if you don't have any experience modeling teeth, the dental distortion veneers on vampfangs are always a good choice.

#4 VoOdOoAustin on 11 years ago

I used for my ryuk teeth, here are the ones most similar to yours:


and if you order now they have free shipping. Might be more than you are willing to spend, but believe me, they are worth it.
The gums on them are super thin so your lips don't bulge and they come with custom fit wax. Well worth the price. They are also fairly flat.