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#1 Quantum9 on 11 years ago

Okay, the game looks freaking awesome, has a lot of great characters, and is just begging for someone to cosplay it.

I'd like to do Travis Touchdown for Otakon. I already have the saber and the jeans. Does anyone know a good place to get custom t-shirt designs that DOESN'T force you to buy 50 at one time?

#2 Syrinx on 11 years ago

would making your own iron on transfer be an idea?? as long as you can find a clear image.. you should be able to make your own tshirts =^.^=

#3 Quantum9 on 11 years ago

The problem is the image I want is really detailed:


This is the design on Travis's shirt. I know some places do actual shirt printing, which is what I'm hoping for. Problem is I've heard that you need to do multiple shirts to do it, plus Travis's specific shirt is kind of weird (It's white with red rings, I think).

#4 Syrinx on 11 years ago

wow.. i've been wondering what was on his shirt since i first saw screen shots of this game! *laughs* the mystery has been solved! i'll look into finding some shirt printing places for you. man.. i remember back in the day you couldn't walk into a mall without finding a tshirt making place..

EDIT: i might have found a place! have you seen this one? [url][/url]

click on the t-shirt link.. they even have ringer shirts (the red rings you're referring to, i belive) and you can order just one :) i think you have to hit the customink singles link to do it. i didn't look into all the details.. but, as far as i can tell it's just what you need =^.^= if not, let me know.. i'll search more after work

#5 Eva Yui on 11 years ago

Also...cafepress does custom teeshirts. I don't know if you have to buy a certain number of them, though.

#6 Andy Black on 11 years ago

As some one told you, the easiest cheapest way to do it is with transfer ^^
You just need to but some transfer sheets (they sell them in big stationers), then print the image you need to use in the transfer sheet (in a current normal printer) and then iron the sheet in the t-shirt.

I've made my own shirts with transfer and they make a good impression!

#7 Archelon on 11 years ago

I also plan to cosplay Travis, so this is helpful for me as well.

Travis' shirt is pink, by the way. Not white.


#8 Quantum9 on 11 years ago is pink. Huh. It looks white in some of the artwork >_>.

Hmm...this proves a problem. None of CustomInk's shirts are pink with red rings. I SUPPOSE I can do dye job, but I dunno how that would work with the design on it >____>

Although I suppose it might be easier to go the other route...get a pink shirt without rings, then dye the rings on.

#9 Syrinx on 11 years ago

hmm.. yea.. i'm not sure how easy a pink shirt with red rings would be to find.. i'd go the get a pink shirt and dye (or sew) red rings on it. i'll keep an eye out for a pink shirt with red rings though! definately post pictures when your costume is complete! =^.^=

#10 Archelon on 11 years ago


For anyone who would rather not make Travis' shirt, lookie what I found.

#11 SamFisher on 11 years ago

I am almost done with my Travis Touchdown cosplay!! Just finishing up the Beam Katana!! I found a WWII ammo bet that I got offf ebay that is just like the one in the game. Hardest piece to find by far. Pics will be up soon!! :)

#12 Kitsune_Snake on 11 years ago

#13 Travisandalison on 11 years ago

Hey Sam, what kind of WW2 belt did you get (country of origin, etc)? I too am going for a Travis Touchdown cosplay and have no idea what to do for the belt.

#14 Regena on 11 years ago

i am in the process of making bad girl, for AZ or Otakon, however long it takes me to finish it.

#15 SamFisher on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=Travisandalison;2276104]Hey Sam, what kind of WW2 belt did you get (country of origin, etc)? I too am going for a Travis Touchdown cosplay and have no idea what to do for the belt.[/QUOTE]

It was an WW2 Italian rifle belt with ammo boxes. PERFECT!!

I also just finished to BLOOD BERRY to perfection with real metal addition! It was a pain to find the parts but this bad boy is durable and looks very authentic in comparisson to the others I have seen. If anyone is modding a Luke MR saber let me know and I can help instruct.