Ulquiorra's Mask Guide (no pix)

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#1 division-ten on 12 years ago

The funny part about this way of making the mask is: I didn't attach it to my head. At all. It actually just sits there, and quite comfortably, too, even when moving around and bending over.

I used a very light modeling structure called Model Magic. It's more expensive than baking clay and made by Crayola. You can pick it up in the kid's section of a craft store, or even kiddie projects at places like Wal Mart or even your grocery store. It comes in individual packages or tubs of four packs for about 20$. You need 3 to 4 packs to make the mask, so getting the tub is ideal. Note that once an individual pack is opened, it will begin to dry out. You have 24 hours to do what you need to do to it before it hardens like a rock.

1. Open 2 Packs of MM. Roll them into a ball and soften them up, get rid of any air bubbles. Roll them out until it is about as big and as thick as a small pizza. Take this flattened circle and rest the center of it on your head. Move all creases to the right side- it will be cut away when it dries. Make sure the left half is smooth.

2. Go about your daily business. Sit and watch TV, do homework, whatever. Just keep the MM on your head. It will harden to your head;s shape perfectly and, if done right, will not need any fasteners to stay on your head (a few hotguled bobby pins will help if you need it though)

3. When dry, follow pictures to cut the helm properly. Open the rest of the MM and add the three ridges on the mask's side, the ridge on the top, and the horn. If needed, stick a wad at the top of your ear and make an earpiece inside. MM will stick to itself, you do not need glue, but have some handy just in case. Let dry.

4, Terrorize stupid shinigami trash.


Here is a picture as to how it turned out:

#2 narutard101 on 12 years ago

hey awesome job on your mask, I got a question though, while it's drying to your head will it stick onto your hair?

#3 Svedlord on 12 years ago

Will i be able to make a helm with this material or? Because i'm currently getting as much info as i can before i start making my costume which will pretty much be a armor but since helms seems to be easy to make with materials like this so was i wondering =)

#4 division-ten on 12 years ago

Man... I wrote this tutorial but never checked back in. To answer your questions (four months later!):

1. No. MM sticks to wood, cardboard, itself, and a few other things, but not to hair (too oily, I believe). Still, if you are worried (or planning to glue the mask directly to a wig) I would suggest putting on a swim cap or at least tying your hair back. I had no problem with it on my head for 9 hours, then let it sit on a bowl.

2. You can use this for a helm, it is lightweight but sturdy enough, BUT know that it cracks (on the surface a little, it will not crack off of itself) and looks kind of like like bone. You can, however, paint it, sand it, or use epoxy once it is dry.

#5 lullaby1010 on 11 years ago

Mhm. Model Magic is the best.
I made an ANBU mask for my cosplay just yesterday, I just need to paint it.
It's gonna look awesome.
Plus, it's really light!
So I think you want have a problem wearing it on your head all day.
Oh and btw, Ulquiorra rocks! :D

#6 Okazaki-San on 11 years ago

Well i made my ulquiorra mask using this method but i altered it a little. I used the tub of MM and i first molded it to my head but instead of letting it sit there i let it dry on a small basketball like crane game ones. It came out right, you just have to see whatever size your head is. After drying i sculpted onto it and i have to say it came out pretty nice. I painted it with white gesso and sanded it layer after layer slowly getting rid of unwanted ridges formed when MM dries. I added about 5 layers of gesso and it is still somewhat bumpy but it has a nice bonelike appearance. heres a pic of it finished. [URL="http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1965285/"]http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1965285/[/URL]

#7 Okazaki-San on 11 years ago

I used this method and it worked pretty well. Afterwards i used white gesso in order to paint itand sanded it after every layer. By doing so i got a nice bonelike color and texture as well. heres a picture of it.

#8 I R Cosplayer on 11 years ago

I made mine on a bike helmet i sawed in half. It came out bulky and heavy, but looked fairly decent. I'm concidering making another with this method though, since the last one didn't survive & Ulquiorra is such a damn comfortable costume to wear. Check my profile if you wanna see how the helmet came out on mine (:

#9 PerverseSage on 10 years ago

Thank you, my friend used this idea for our linnete/Stark duo.

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