How To Wash a Wig Tutorial (With pictures!)

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#1 Rejected-Spork on 10 years ago

For new wig owners, it can be difficult to figure out how to do things with your wig. I've developed a method to take care of wigs and keep them in top condition, and I'd really like to share it with everyone. :D Honestly, I made this tutorial out of boredom, and I really hope it helps some people! On to the tutorial!

You wig (Duuuh!)
Styrofoam wig head (Preferably one with a deep hole at the base)
Foldable music stand, camera tripod, or anything you can stick your wig head on
Any size spray bottle
Generic shampoo and conditioner
Dish soap
Beach towel
Hand towel
Access to a sink or shower
Multi-setting hair dryer (If applicable)

[U]Step one[/U]; Potion making!

First off, select your favorite drug store shampoo and conditioner! I went with Suave Pomegranate Splash, mainly because it was in my house. ;P

Now, go grab some dish soap from the kitchen!

After gathering your ingredients, grab your spray bottle and start yer mixin'! Whenever I make my wash solution, I use about three squirts of shampoo, four squirts of conditioner, and two squirts of dish soap. This make up to be about an inch and a half of stuffs at the bottom of your bottle. Now, just add water and shake until the contents are nice and diluted.

And ta-da! Your wig washing potion is done!

[U]Step Two;[/U] Spraying the wig

Get your mounting device, in my case it's a foldable music stand, and stick that styofoam head on there.

Make sure you lay down your beach towel to keep your carpet clean and dry! We certainly don't need angry mothers on our case.

If you like, you can brush out your wig before spraying with the solution. Make sure you coat the wig with the spray, leaving it nice and damp!

Continued in next post!

#2 Rejected-Spork on 10 years ago

[U]Step Three;[/U] Migration!

Alright! Time to move to the bathroom! If you're working with a shorter wig, I would suggest using the sink. If you're using a longer wig, like mine, then use the shower. :3 For short wigs, you can take it off the head and swish it in the sink.

First off, make sure the water is set to a luke warm temperature. Many not hear resistant wigs can't take a lot of heat and you can risk damaging your wig when using hot water.

Make sure you check the temperature of the water by putting your hand under the running water.

Once that you've given the temperature the O.K, you can place the wig in the water.

Let it rinse for a little bit before softly running your fingers through the hair to make sure all the soap is rinsed out. If you are washing product out of a wig, make sure you lightly scrub the places with product with the pads of your fingers. Once your wig is soap-free, turn off the water. :3 Let the wig drip for a minute or so while you get your hand towel!

Now, lightly towel dry the ends of your wig so you don't leave a water trail in your house.

Go ahead and dry your mounting device also.

#3 Rejected-Spork on 10 years ago

[U]Step Three;[/U] The Drying process

Migrate back to your place of origin and place the mounting device back on your beach towel. It's time to let it dry. Don't try to comb or brush it, just let it be for a few hours.

You can introduce the hair dryer. For you impatient people, make sure you use the lowest speed setting and use the cool setting. (Or warm for you daring types)

For the HR folks, you don't really have to worry about the temperature setting, although I do suggest using the lowest speed setting.

Go ahead and CAUTIOUSLY dry your wig. We don't want any melted fibers here.

If you'd like, you can go ahead and take the wig off the wig head to dry the cap.

DO NOT attempt to brush your wig while it's even the tiniest damp. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

#4 Rejected-Spork on 10 years ago

[U]Step Four;[/U] Combin' it out

Alright, now that you've either waited a few hours or blow dried your wig, it's time to comb it out. I like to use a variety of wide tooth combs for wigs.

And today I feel like using this one.

Start at the bottom of your wig and work your way up when combing it out. Remember to go slow so you have minimal loss of fiber.

Knots should be easy to brush out because of the conditioner we used in our spray. Try your best not to yank and pull. Continue working your way upward!

Yay! Your wig is beautifully combed out now!

This last thing is totally optional, but what I like to do with my wigs is to lightly spritz them with my favorite body fragrance so they smell really good. <3

#5 Rejected-Spork on 10 years ago

Bonus tutorial! :D

[CENTER][U]How to Store a Longer Wig[/U][/CENTER]

[U]Step one;[/U]
Divide your wig into three equal sections.

I used these cute hair bows to keep them separate!

[U]Step Two;[/U]
Take your three sections and begin loosely braiding the sections together.

Aaand continue down~

[U]Step Three;[/U]
once you've reached the end of the hair, secure the hair loosely with a hair tie.

[U]Step Four;[/U]
Neatly place your wig on a shelf. :3 You're done! You can also take the wig off the head and place it in a ziplock bag if you happen to be moving, putting the wig in long term storage, etc.

I hope I was of some help with my first tutorial! Thanks for reading!

#6 Rejected-Spork on 10 years ago

Aaand we has reserved.

#7 Rejected-Spork on 10 years ago

Another reserved, just in case.

#8 heaven_firings on 10 years ago

Is it possible to use this if you're only trying to wash product out a a certain part of a wig, like lets say sideburn/bangs?

#9 Gypsyangelf4i on 10 years ago

This was very informative and useful as I am new to wigs. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and posting it.

#10 Rejected-Spork on 10 years ago

@heaven_firings: Of course! Just spray the solution on the part you need to wash and then carefully rinse in the sink. :3

#11 heaven_firings on 10 years ago

Sweet, this is really helpful thanks for making/sharing it.

#12 HEYOashley on 10 years ago

I really like this tutorial ^^ Thank you. I have never worn a wig before and I am currently in the ordering process and have tons more I have in mind as well...all of them long...oh jeez. I will for sure try this when it's necessary!

#13 PuzzleChick on 10 years ago

Ooh, this is great! I was wondering how to handle the shampoo/conditioner/soap situation because I'd heard so many different options, but this looks awesome. Thank you!!

#14 BookNeko on 10 years ago

I gave this method a shot last night. It worked great! ^ ^ I'm really new to wigs. Thanks so much for posting this!

#15 Rejected-Spork on 10 years ago

Yay I'm So Happy Someone Tried It. <3