Exercise Boot Camp! Post your exercise of the day!

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#1 Slapthefatcat on 8 years ago

So, it is proven that those who write a log of their exercise and food intake each day have better results than those who do not. So, post your exercises and your food log here.
Exercises: Push-ups (20 ) : Completed
Sit-ups (25): 22 completed.
Walking (2 miles): Walked for 15 min, not sure distance.
Weights (10 lb. ea. 20 reps ea.) : Not completed.
Food: Breakfast: Banana, two eggs, muffin two glasses of water.
Lunch: Two egg salad sandwiches, bag of Baked Lays and a Diet Mountain Dew (20 oz).
Dinner: Baked chicken leg+thigh, mashed poatoes w/ chicken gravy, roasted veggies (carrots, potatoes, celery, onions), and Splenda-sweetened iced tea.
Snack: Medium McDonalds fries.
^ Just an example, though it sounds good, it's not healthy. And it's about average for a lot of people.

When posting, please be honest, we don't judge, and it only hurts you to lie about it.

Fact: 3500 calories equals one pound of fat to the body. Burn 2k more calories and eat 1.5k less calories and you lose a pound of fat, in theory. Plus, the more muscle you have, the more calories it burns.

#2 Slapthefatcat on 8 years ago

I didn't think of my weight-loss at all today. . .
Exercise: Walk 2 miles: Not completed.
Lift weights (50 reps, 15lb ea, differing positions): Not completed.
Food: Breakfast: Three eggs with mushrooms.
Snack: Two chocolate puff pastry cannoli things.
Dinner: About a pound of fried deer nuggets, two chocolate chip muffin things.

#3 Selkies on 8 years ago

this is sort of a super set at the end of my work outs

30 push ups plus 30 pull ups multiply that by 3.

#4 Rjr3412 on 8 years ago

The plan for today:

Exercise - Leg Day
Squats (ATG) - 1 warm-up, 4 heavy sets
Leg Press - 3 -4 sets
Leg Curl - 3 sets
Leg Extensions - 3 sets
Calf Raises - 1 or 2 stop rest sets
10 min on Treadmill to help stretch out legs

Food Plan -
PWO shake - Whey in water
Salad - Chicken, Corn, Bacon, Scallions, Parmesan, Lite Italian Dressing (mmm mmm good)
Night time shake - 1.5 cups milk, whey, cottage cheese, oats

#5 Magical Machete on 8 years ago

I ate a lot of food today. Not even going to lie. Mostly all sugar too.
Noodles and chicken from manchu wok, a java monster, 5 bottles of aquafina, and a bag of lemon flavoured cough drops... haha BUT!!!!

I ran two miles today. that kinda helps make up for some of it right? @[email protected]

Nevertheless, Burpees tomorrow. Situps and pushups too. Gotta pass my next PT test.
I really want some fruit.... so tomorrow Im for sure eating healthier than today... Mid shifts has me all messed up though. X_X

#6 Slapthefatcat on 8 years ago

Yeah, my fridge is almost empty of stuff that's edible (mostly condiments, tortillas, etc.), stuff that you wouldn't eat alone. I gotta put LOTS of fruits and veggies on the grocery list (a LOT).
Food so far today: Two and a half scrambled eggs w/ mushrooms, cooked in olive oil (yes, it does taste better in olive oil, I was skeptical until I tried it, and it is good).
Exercise: None yet, hoping to walk two or more miles when I get home, if I get home. Though I did park far from my class and I took the stairs rather than the elevator.

#7 scortor on 8 years ago

-Walk 30 minutes (completed)
-(I'm counting this because it's really exhausting) Stocking the drink cooler at work. It's essentially 3 hours of heavy lifting.

Breakfast - 1 piece of toast with a little butter, a banana, and a cup of coffee
Lunch - Salad with chicken, chickpeas, carrots, corn, and peas in low-fat italian dressing
Dinner - Grilled steak with brown rice and broccoli

#8 Kasinator on 8 years ago

This is a great idea!! :D We can even critique our workouts here.

#9 HomeDepot on 8 years ago

this is a fun idea.

Excercise: 30 push ups, 50 sit ups, 50ft of lunges, 20 squats, 24 tricep dips, 30 butterflys (5lbs) 35 mins on a bike at >90rpm.
Food: Granola w/Yogurt, and blueberries, 1 1/2 cups coffee with skim milk, 2 small slices of cheese pizza, one orange, small mocha, 4 cups of water, a carrot.
I haven't had dinner yet.

#10 deadpool790 on 8 years ago

Monday: core Abs, Back
Abs: 25 In & Outs, 50 Bicycles half reverse, 25 Crunchy Frog, 2x V-sit for as long as I can 2-3x Dragon Flys on a bench 20 In & Outs, 2x 20 Front planks using hips to simulate a slight crunch, 15-20 side ab dumbells (40-45lbs), 2x 50 Mason Twist with 10lbs ball.

Back: 2x 10 wide grip pulls ups, 2x neutral grip pull up but held stationary to widen Lats for as long as I can, 2x-3x of 10 40-lbs Bent-Arm Barbell Pullover,2x of 15 trapezius pushups using elbows similar to front planks but for trapezius, trapezius Machine (reverse side of chest machine also targets deltoids), Finally The Tbar 2x 10 70lbs

Tuesday: Shoulders, Biceps, triceps and cardio (running/jump rope)

Wednesday: Legs, Core Abs
Deadlifts, Squats, same ab routine as above somtimes I switch out things for ball back support crunches.

Sorry for getting lazy and typing every little thing I do but its too much...

#11 Kanomi on 8 years ago

-At School / Outside-
Speed walk only: Only slowed down with friend in the hallway. Also done outside
Stairway UP: Skip every other step or more.
Stairway DOWN: If I don't have a bag, jump from top to bottom or if tired, jump from half way. (Most likely bad for the knees :S) If I do have a bag, jump from little more half way down.

-At Home-
Jog or Run: No walking
Weights: 4lbs dumbbells on each arm and practice martial arts with them (Those are my only weights... I live in a small place you see)
Stairway UP: Every other step or more.
Stairway DOWN: Not as extreme as School as I have less room and a ceiling to worry about. I hop down the last 4 steps.
Before Sleep: Stretch, 20~40 Push ups, 50~100 sit ups. The amount depends on my mood, energy, stress.. etc.

-Hanging out with friends-
Parkour when I can =). Hehe~!

I always do the same thing every day, sometimes altering my practice.

Breakfast: None but water. (Really)
Lunch: Left over dinner usually and other food my friends offer. Grapes, oranges, bread.

Sunday: Take out. Rice, Fried fish, fried chicken, Tofu, Soy Milk. Soup*
Monday: Rice, some.. Chinese meat? Orange after meal. Soup*
Tuesday: Rice, potatoes, beef, brocoli, Soup*
Wednesday: Rice, steamed pork meat, eggyolk mix with mushroom.
Thursday: Rice, cooked fish /w black pepper, white vegetable.
Friday: Rice, tomatoes /w carrot some kind of sauce ontop, cut up long green vegetable (?) with fried pork that is cut into tiny pieces. Soup*
Saturday: I cook every other week. large bowl of noodles, with special ketchup sauce (altered moms recipe a bit for it)
If I'm not cooking: Out to eat, Sushi, Sashimi, fried shrimp OR chicken castu, with rice, and salad.
* I have no idea what's in the soup. :3

Well that's how I really go everyday.. People think I'm crazy yes, but that's part of the fun ^^

#12 greenclouds on 8 years ago

Walking: 6km (around 3.7 miles) in 45 min even though it was raining heavily.
Sit ups 20: done
Oblique sit ups 15 each side: done
muscle training in upper arms 13x2 reps per arm:

Pure carrot juice from Bolthouse
1 large Slice of non-buttered Parisian bread with fish fillet. (I'm Asian. I eat anything for breakfast and we never have butter at home)

Tuna sandwich with multi grain bread
sesame whole grain crackers with hummus
chia seed with water drink

afternoon snack (kinda close to dinner actually)
1/4 of a large chocolate muffin
orange/mango/peach juice

Mushroom with pork sautee
grilled salmon with onions
1 cup white rice
and like a tiny square of cheese cake

*sigh* Need to do groceries. There is nothing but tofu spread, picked red peppers and orange juice with 2 pears in the fridge. I'm actually not happy at the fact that there are no vegetables.

btw guys any advice for a sorta lactose intolerant person to get her calcium (I can eat certain processed stuff)? I've tried lactose free milk and find it absolutely disgusting. Also rapidly getting sick of soy milk.

#13 Slapthefatcat on 8 years ago

Kanomi They say, when dieting, breakfast is the most important meal because it jumpstarts your metabolism.
Greenclouds I would suggest Calcium pills, but they taste awful.

#14 KamenRiderAgito on 8 years ago

Jacknife (40 reps)
Crunches (250)

Breakfast: Egg and bacon English muffin, Strawberry/banana smoothie
Lunch: Red wine vinegar chicken, rice, arugula
Snack: Applesauce
Snack: Applesauce
Dinner: Baguette pizza with turkey pepperoni

Can't wait until the doctor gives me the okay to go back to taekwondo practice, or at least to start running again.

#15 Magical Machete on 8 years ago

Crap. I didn't exercise today. Or eat.
I got a call saying I had to change my shift from mids to days tomorrow, so when I woke up, found out I'll have to go to sleep in a couple hours... T ^T
I guess this is a few hours early... but dunno if ill be online when it for real is time to post... Need to go sleep.

@kamen rider - ive always wanted to do taekwondo. ^^ Im assuming its super fun?

@greenclouds - Im not lactose intolerant, but I do hate the taste of milk... so maybe I can help. ^^
And you wont have to take icky pills hopefully.
Spinach, yogurt, beans, nuts, fish, fortified orange juice, broccoli, and different types of peas all have calcium. ^^ those are the things I rely on to get my calcium since I dont drink milk. And they all taste pretty spiffy. <3 ^^ Just remember moderation.