League of Legends!

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#1 Tak-kun on 6 years ago

I'm kind of shocked that I don't see a League of Legends thread already made. Time to remedy this.

Welcome to the LoL thread! Whoo!!

Discuss all things LoL here. Favorite champion? Opinion on that new champ? What's on your mind about the latest patch? Need a team for some ranked que's? IGNs? etc. etc.

I'm currently practicing jungling on my smurf, ign: I3eh1ndy0u
I main Darius and Elise, and I've been practicing with Caitlyn and Volibear.

#2 interstellarowl on 6 years ago

You can add me! I'm DarthKrayt

Right now I've been playing GP, Fizz and Thresh.

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