Looking for Thor (Moviecity)

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#1 sithcamaro on 6 years ago

Hello everyone!

I am looking for help in finding a specific person in Chile. I recently discovered a guy who was working at the Moviecity booth at the Santiago Comic Con on 2012, dressed as Thor. I have seen numerous pictures of him, but I do not have a name or any information.

The reason I am curious is because he and I look almost IDENTICAL! Now I am not saying there is any chance that he & I are related, because I am positive. But to look at us, you would think that we were probably twins. And what's craziest is he is dressed as Thor... and my recent big character costume has been Loki.

So if anyone out there has any info, let me know. Or send him my way. :)
This is a picture of me, trying to copy a pose of him as Thor.


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