Short white wig suggestions?

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#1 violetlights on 5 years ago

Any suggestions for cosplays to do with a short white wig?

(the bangs are going to get trimmed but otherwise that's all I'd like to do with it. It can be spiked but it's a bit thin in the back)

I have some ideas for Pokemon gijinkas in mind, but that's it. I really want to get some more use out of this wig because its so soft and comfortable!

#2 LluviaSarcasm on 5 years ago

Rose, Dave and Callie Ohpeee from Homestuck
Sion from No.6
Gintoki from Gintama
Allen Walker from D. Gray Man

#3 Hallowin on 5 years ago

Akise Aru from Mirai Nikki
Accelerator from To Aru Majutsu no Index

#4 MitsukaiEievui on 5 years ago

Isana Yashiro from K?