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#1 Outsource416 on 6 years ago


if i buy a preRegistered badge/nameTag for a daughter, will my be on the badge or do i get sent a blank badge and she writes her name herself?

from what i understand, you need a real name on the badge


Merry Christmas btw

#2 Grimmjow99 on 6 years ago

i believe if you prereg you will have to go on the thursday night or one of the days on AN and show them your comfimrmation badge. it is then that they will give you and your daughter a badge each and that is when you write you both write your names on them.
Here's a link for pre registration info


#3 Kagomekai on 6 years ago

You write you name on the badge when you pick it up. You must remember to bring the confirmation paper with you when you pick up the ticket. If you pre-reg you can pick it up Thursday night at the double tree or wait till the next day which is the first day of the con and pick it up then at the TCC. (I always pre-reg and pick it up the Friday but it might be less stressful for you to get it the night before the con)

#4 Outsource416 on 6 years ago


but uh ... so say i was buying tickets for a daughter and friends, they all have to come to the pick up too? and bring i.d. like a birth certificate?

#5 Kagomekai on 6 years ago

No just some I'd that proves who they are. Medicare card would work. Yes if you aren't getting the passes in the special group offer they will have to come too, so make sure when you purchase the tickets the name is written the same as on their ID. If you got the passes as the group rate they do not need to come with you for pick up, but to have enough for a group as of this year you must have at least 15 people otherwise it is considered that each pass was seprate from each other (despite you purchasing them at the same time) and each person will have to present the paper with their name and their ID

#6 Outsource416 on 6 years ago

:) thanks

#7 Kagomekai on 6 years ago

No problem :) If they have any photo id it would help to bring that as a back up with their medicare card and whatever ID they bring. (Though there shouldn't be a problem as I used my Medicare card my first time and only that.)

#8 kristen89 on 6 years ago

I've never had to show ID.
I bring the print out confirmation and am able to pick up for my whole group, you get the blank badges and can write all their names for them. This past year some weren't able to come until saturday but we were able to get their badge the friday and give it to them saturday.

#9 SuperBee on 6 years ago

Shouldn't be a problem. I don't think you will need ID. For the past several years I have purchased both my pass and my brother's. They never once asked for ID for myself or my brother.

#10 seiryuux on 6 years ago

Last May, my friend got my badge for me because I had to work that day. She just had to present my order form.

#11 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 6 years ago

My friends in the pass picked up my badges all they need it the printout confirmation. When you buy more then one pass in a single transaction you get on confirmation for all the passes you bought. ;)

#12 Rainbowgasm on 6 years ago

the only time I've heard of someone being asked for ID outside of age restricted events, was when a friend lost her pass in 2009 and went to the reg desk to get a replacement badge, she had to show that she was someone who had registered for the convention, though it was still $20 for the replacement...
In 2011 I picked up all my groups passes on Thursday and all I had to show was my forms for all the group, and in 2012 I picked up a friends pass who wasn't in the group on the Friday and no issue... This year we merged with another group due to the new 15 minimum on groups and the leader is going to pick them up for us on Thursday night since they have their room booked for that night, and we can't make it over because its my friends prom night (Thursday night proms lol XP at least its not Friday and in the way of AN!)

#13 MsSei42 on 6 years ago

I have a question if i pick up my badge thursday and the people i'm with are unable to come and get there badges am i allowed to pick up theres as well and do i write there name down there at the place or can i bring the blank pass back home with me and they can sign it them selves later?

#14 Grimmjow99 on 6 years ago

you should be able to pick up your friend's badges you just have to bring their confirmations on the thursday. You should be able to leave the passes blank and let your friends write their names, but who knows if AN has changed the rules for that this year.

#15 MsSei42 on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Grimmjow99;4588996]you should be able to pick up your friend's badges you just have to bring their confirmations on the thursday. You should be able to leave the passes blank and let your friends write their names, but who knows if AN has changed the rules for that this year.[/QUOTE]

Ok thanks :)