Where Can I Get A White Zentai? (US Sellers)

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#1 L1M3 on 6 years ago

I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here. Does anyone know where to buy a great quality solid white zentai? I need one that is not from overseas as I've already contacted a few overseas zentai sellers and they told me it would take a month to 48 days .-. to all together have it made, shipped, and to arrive. I don't have that kind of time. I need it to modify for a costume. I don't need the hood/mask. Just a form fitting (well form fitting) white suit that covers feet, legs, body, arms, and hands.

#2 RedtheFox on 6 years ago

Strangely enough, I know you can buy morphsuits at a story called Party City.


Unfortunately, you look at paying a bit more then you might on Amazon.com or ebay. Coincidentally I've been looking into this as well for a friend (she also doesn't need the hood or mask that comes attached).

#3 nathancarter on 6 years ago

...and since they're super stretchy, it doesn't have to be custom-made to your precise measurements, unless you've got some very unusual body proportions. Just get one that's close, and it'll fit.

#4 L1M3 on 6 years ago

Thanks for the replies! I appreciate them. I'm about to google map a Party City in my area and will try to go check one out this weekend. :)
Good luck to me, lol.

#5 ThakYuki on 6 years ago

Party City's suits are crap. They are costume quality. If you want good quality, I'd recommend Bal Togs, but their quality also means a higher price tag: [url]http://www.nydancewear.com/store.html?action=viewProduct&CID=252&PID=606[/url]

#6 L1M3 on 6 years ago

ThakYuki! You're wonderful! I'm going to use them to get a suit from! As the suit is the most important part of my costume I'm okay with their price. It's beneath $100 and I can get it in time. The only other expensive part to my costume is going to be the wig which is $30 so I'll be within my $200- minus budget.

Gonna figure out how to lock this now that this is solved.


Edit: I don't know how to lock this. :/

#7 ThakYuki on 6 years ago

I don't think you have the ability to lock your own thread outside of the Marketplace. Just hope that no one posts here, and it should eventually fade into the background of the rest of the forum. :)