What new anmie are you watching right now? What aws your reaction?

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#1 Pastaloving Me~ on 6 years ago

hey everyone!!! Im an anime newbie and Im always watching new anime or reading new manga....so right (at this very second) I just started watching Deathnote for my first time!!

My first reaction to Death note:
Did the japanese posess the joker or something?
OMG!! that things face is so freaking scary and weird all at the same time!!! :blubber:(lol im a scardy cat..)
Is this guy going insane or something?? And wouldn't this book make him more of a ultimate murder than a hero?

and Ill probaly share more of my reaction,too...so come on and tell me wat cha think! ;D

#2 jrockfreak on 6 years ago

At the moment the new shows i am watching are Gravitation, Knight hunters eternity, sanyuu, amnesia, mangirl, and xxxholic( a full schedule i know lol)

When I first saw Death Note I was just amazed at how much that one book could change a person so much, as you said it turned him into the Ultimate murder. Buts its one of my favorite shows of all time

#3 AnimeLuxray25 on 6 years ago

On top of Blue Exorcist, I started watching "danshi koukousei no nichijou" or "The Daily Lives of High School Boys." danshi koukousei no nichijou is actually quite obscure, but I always love me a good obscure anime<3 Although I haven't actually given it a serious watch yet, I'm sure I'll like it.

#4 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Well, not really watching anything new....(well right now I'm not watching ANYTHING but....)....But the latest stuff I'm about to re-watch for the sake of getting things like names and specific things down, are Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sword Art Online (though I ersearched this like crazy and know a lot), Ryouko-San And Her 7 Companions, and Shugo Chara.

#5 jrockfreak on 6 years ago

I just started Shugo Chara

#6 Tak-kun on 6 years ago

I just finished Angel Beats. I cried. Like a lot.

Now I'm mid-way through Air. Also crying.

Next up is Clannad.

..I like to put myself through mounds of emotional torture.

#7 Altrus on 6 years ago

I'm currently watching Ixion Saga DT. Each episode has something that reduces me to uncontrollable laughter. In the first episode, the


bad guy is defeated with a swift kick to the nuts while he's charging his ultimate attack. He spends the entirety of the second episode lop-sided and off balance. This sets the tone for the entire series.

#8 sillymyway on 6 years ago

I recently started watching Another since I love a good horror mystery, and by the first few episodes I had developed new phobias, to say the least.
The way that the anime is unfolding is really good though, because somethings are answered half way, and then left alone for a while. It's like the Final Destination of anime, but better.

Ahhh, I remember watching Death Note for the time. I was quite young so I didn't quite get the plot, but man was it crazy. Death Note is probably one of my favorite anime.

#9 Waifu Beam on 6 years ago

I'm currently playing catch up with Magi, and once that's done I've got Psycho-Pass to start and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. XD;

#10 saku rokurouta on 6 years ago

I recently started watching Golden Boy, and i love it. After i'm finished with Golden Boy, i'm going to start watching Black Lagoon

My first reaction to Golden Boy:
awhhh yeah this is a pretty go- OMG IS HE KISSING THAT TOLIET D:

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