Help finding a tank top?

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#1 jabberwocky-x on 5 years ago

I'm a small chick -- 5'1" and about 110 lbs with an A/B-cup, and I'm planning on crossplaying as [URL=""]Santa[/URL]. I went shopping after work today to look for a plain white tank top that would fit and came up empty handed, despite combing both the men's section and the women's section for something that would work.

My biggest problem is finding something that's not so thin and see-through that you can see m binder (which is a bright white underworks tri-top), or the outline of my sports bra, or whatever. I've also heard it said that AFAB individuals should never wear tank tops if they want to pass as male, unless they can bind very well, because it often gives away your assigned sex -- and I can definitely see how this would be the case. So I'm conflicted, and I'm struggling to find something that will conceal my binder, be reasonably thick and not cling to my body, and is convincingly male in style. Can anyone please offer me some help? I'm googling and trying to find stuff online, but... no dice so far.

#2 PSY-chan on 5 years ago

Could you layer tank tops? They would be more opaque, and hopefully conceal your binder. Or layer a nude tone tank under the white one.

#3 jabberwocky-x on 5 years ago

I tried giving that a shot when I was trying them on, but even doubled up they were still so sheer that you could see the lines of my sports bra, which doesn't bode well for my binder either! You'd think it wouldn't be so difficult to find something so basic, dear lord.

#4 ilafatyu on 5 years ago

Hey, at least it's white. I had a friend who had a black binder. Yeah, that didn't work out well.
If you can't find a thick enough tank top/vest/whatever, you could probably alter a thicker t shirt easily enough.

Largely unrelated, what anime/manga/game/whatever is he from? I've seen a few pictures of that character around the Internet and I have no idea who he is.

#5 belligerent on 5 years ago

These are the kind I use. Thicker than undershirts but any white t-shirt is going to be sheer to some degree.

I have a white one and it's not terrible. I'm wearing the black version in the pics in my gallery as Equius.
[url][/url] My binder is black so it's fairly unnoticeable. It's a tritop.

#6 jabberwocky-x on 5 years ago

Oh, that one does look good! Would you recommend possibly buying two white ones and layering them, or would maybe wearing a nude-colored ribbed tanktop over the binder do the trick?

#7 PSY-chan on 5 years ago

For $7, I'd buy two. Just in case one isn't enough. The other one can be the emergency tank, or something.

#8 jabberwocky-x on 5 years ago

Okay, I went ahead and ordered two, and hopefully that'll work just fine! Thank you so so much for all your help, I was at a complete loss! And Ilafatyu, I'm so sorry I missed your post earlier -- he's actually from a video game for the DS called 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors! It's sort of a cross between a visual novel, escape game, and survival horror. If you want to see what all the characters look like/learn about the game's premise, I made a post [URL=""]here[/URL] about it!

#9 Noose on 5 years ago

Have you considered looking into dying the binder you're using to be a darker, more natural tone? Assuming its not polyester, you should be able to procure with ease a dye that can impart a flesh toned colour of any shade onto the garment.

#10 jabberwocky-x on 5 years ago

My tank tops arrived yesterday, and I'm really glad I bought two -- just one is slightly see through, but when I layer them, it [URL=""]looks pretty good[/URL]! I'm satisfied. I'm wondering if I should try sewing the two shirts together so I don't have to worry about one riding up or whatever, but I don't know if that'd work.

And dying the binder is a really excellent idea -- I just might have to procure some dye and give it a shot! Thank you so very much to all of you who responded, you were a great help!