Star Wars Sith advice

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#1 Taki-tan on 5 years ago

Hey everyone,
I'm making my second cosplay and it's a Sith Sorceror from Star Wars: The Old Republic.
I'm having problems deciding how I should make the top part. I know what fabrics to use but I do not know how to construct it. There's so much going on so I'm at a loss what to do :/

The shoulderpads and neckpiece I'm gonna make as separate pieces that I attach to the chestpiece. I'm having trouble explaining what I need help with, lol, but what I need help with I guess is how I should go about making the fabric parts?

#2 Blue Leader on 5 years ago

The soft parts don't look too complicated... You could probably use a long-sleeve shirt, or a pattern for one, and go from there. I think I'd start with a tan shirt and then add the dark blue material over that (and the red in the front). You could bunch up the blue material a bit where needed to get those creases.
The black armor parts you could probably make with craft foam. Heat up the foam a little and bend it into shape, and then paint it. The long piece behind the head could also be made of foam, but painted dark blue to match the material. For the hoses, you could probably find some pond or aquarium tubing and spray paint it the color you need.

For the helmet you'd probably want to build some sort of mesh or structure (out of foam or even wire) and drape fabric over it. For the face of the helmet... that I'm not sure about, but you might still be able to use foam to make that.