2013: Star Wars at Otakon

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#1 CosZelkova on 5 years ago

Didnt see a forum for it so i figured id make one.

Im goin with my sith and mandalorian bounty hunter costumes, including combat ready lightsaber, holocrons, and prop blasters.

My boyfriend will also have his jedi robes with him for the con, also with combat ready lightsaber and props and the like.

But who else will be going? Would be nice to see others trained in the ways of the force, or maybe some stormtroopers, maybe vader will force choke a, um, person(?). Lol.

Who else is cosplaying a star wars character be it canon or oc.

#2 Scorpion89 on 5 years ago


I'm pretty sure the usual Star Wars group will be there as the person who has put the last 6 years shoot together if you like I can set it up. We normal have the big shoot on Sat. Night at the Inner Harbor fountains. If you were around for last years shoot then you know about the epic fight shoot that we ended up doing.

#3 CosZelkova on 5 years ago

Sure if you'd like to =) I started the thread mostly to just see who else is goin Star Wars style =)

Epic Fight Shoot = Epic B)

#4 Lunairetic on 5 years ago

My friend and I will be attending as Juhani and Bastila from the video game "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic." Our other friend is making a Mission costume but unfortunately she can't come to Otakon this year. :(

Not sure which day we will be wearing our costumes yet, but it would be nice to meet up with some other Star Wars costumers! :) I guess it would be too much to hope that any other KotOR cosplayers would be attending, right? ^^;

#5 bladealchemist on 5 years ago

I will hopefully have my Sith Marauder SWTOR cosplay done, with a Jedi Shadow in tow. *Crosses fingers*

#6 Lunairetic on 5 years ago

Oh wow Bladealchemist, that's awesome! I can't wait to see your costumes!! :D

What server do you guys play on? My friend and I are on Harbringer!!

#7 Scorpion89 on 5 years ago

Okay the day, time and location are,

Day Sat, Time 7PM location the Inner Harbor Fountains

#8 LissieRose on 5 years ago

A friend of mine have Steampunk versions of Han Solo and Princess Leia. If we show up, that's who we'll be

#9 KamiKazeKage on 5 years ago

Sorry to do this to everyone, but I've just been informed that a major number or Legion members have an event that day and will be there at 8. (rather than 7). so I'm suggesting the time be at 8. You are of course free to show up at 7. but about 15 Legion members are going to show up at 8 with a pro photog if ya wanna hang around.

#10 Scorpion89 on 5 years ago

Here is the full set,