Sewing things to lycra

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#1 Daidairo on 6 years ago

An upcoming project I'm planning for involves the use of a bodysuit, which probably means stretch material like lycra. On top of that, there needs to be layers of solid objects (like beads, foam, feathers...)... which are arranged in patterns.

So question! How do I get all those objects to stick onto the lycra? Sewing is probably the sturdiest method, but seeing as how I need the bodysuit to stretch into the shape of my body before attaching by wearing it, I don't fancy trying to poke a needle and thread through the lycra while my skin is below.

Would any kind of glue work at all? My limited experience with lycra so far tells me what the usual fabric glues and stuff are just ignored by the lycra. And what glue would be forgiving enough to flex with the fabric?

Thanks in advance!

#2 Daidairo on 6 years ago

Argh I was sure I was posting it in the fabric section, but my firefox got all wonky and somehow with all the refreshing it ended up here. Many apologies! Maybe a mod can move it? ;;

And sorry for the double post too, seems I can't edit the post on top there orz

#3 KuruttaKanashii on 6 years ago

Could you put it on, mark the positions of the add-ons, then take it off and sew them? Or temporarily glue them on while wearing it, then sew them?

#4 Daidairo on 6 years ago

Thank you for the reply! The add-ons are going to be vast in number though, and really tiny in cases of the sequins and beads and feathers, so marking them might end up in a lot of messy scribbles that make no sense...? ^^; The glue and then sew method sounds good, but what kind of glue would you suggest in this case?

#5 Nostrum on 6 years ago

I would suggest you make a temporary mannequin that's to your measurements (whether you make a duct-tape mannie or whether you stuff clothes you already own).

If you put the body suit on the mannie as long as it's the same measurements as you, you can sew them on by pinching up the spandex as you go. You'll find it a heck of a lot more comfortable (not to mention accurate) than if you were to try to do it while wearing the suit.

#6 Daidairo on 6 years ago

...gosh. Somehow the thought of making a complete mannequin from head to foot never occured to me. Thank you so much for the advice, I'll keep that in mind too!

#7 riddeltk on 6 years ago

Sewing it would be the most secure way to keep every thing attached. It you decide to go with glue instead (or along with it) I would use Fabri-tac from Beacon Adhesives. It's probably the best fabric glue out there. It dries fast, clear and permanently and is very sturdy. The problem with gluing it instead of sewing it is whether or not the glue will come off when the fabric is stretched. Maybe take some scrap lycra and glue some things to it and then stretch it out to test it. Best of luck...I hate lycra.

#8 Daidairo on 6 years ago

Thank you so much for the advice! I'll probably test it on scraps and stuff first and hope it works out ;w;

#9 mylittle_pony on 6 years ago

I would also try a zig-zag stitch with a "not so tight" tension???

#10 NiGHTmaren on 6 years ago

I would not suggest glue. Some glue will have elasticity, sure, but will eventually fall off (if not immediately) when the fabric stretches.

For my Amano Rydia tights, what I did was I made applique patches out of the same lycra and did the beading on that, then I hand-sewed the beaded patch onto the fabric. Worked really well and didn't cause any strain on the actual tights.

#11 Penlowe on 6 years ago

I'm with Nostrum, make a body double if there are big areas to be covered.

Hime no Toki has a good point too, most high end formal gowns with gobs of beaded details, the beading is done on matching fabric, then applied to the gown. this actually protects both the beading and the gown as it strengthens the areas where a lot of weight in concentrated. If worse comes to worse, you can remove the beaded section, launder the garment, then re-apply it ;)