The Girl Who Can (Oswin dress Qs!)

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#1 OhHiAndie on 7 years ago

So, I have decided to start working on an Oswin costume. My question is, has anyone been able to identify the exact (screen-accurate) dress that was used? Or, if not, does anyone know of any patterns that I could use to make it?

#2 hewtab on 6 years ago

The dress was actually made for Jenna Louise Coleman so you will not find it anywhere in retail. I'm looking for a pattern myself, it would be a raglan sleeve sheath dress pattern with a modified neckline.

#3 jenksotaku on 6 years ago

Hi! I am fairly sure this is too late, however, you will not find better reference photos than [URL=""]here[/URL]

Good luck on your endeavors!