What will you cosplay?

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#1 inconspicuous on 7 years ago

I'm attending Anime Detour so I thought I should see who is attending/what people are cosplaying. This is what I am considering wearing:

Leah Estrogen (Osmosis Jones)
Rapunzel (Tangled)
Muffy (Harvest Moon)

Also, I've always wanted to do a group photoshoot so if you're cosplaying from the same movie/series and would like to do a meet up, that would be great!

#2 Chiagirl on 7 years ago

I love your Cornelia cosplay from W.I.T.C.H. it's an awsome series and I haven't seen it cosplayed before. I'm probably going to go as Sheena from Tales of Symphonia, sorry I can't help you out with a photoshoot.

#3 inconspicuous on 7 years ago

Thanks! I've heard of Tales of Symphonia but don't know much about it. I'll have to play it though. It's on gamecube so the game should be cheap.

#4 haruhirox1234 on 7 years ago

im doing ryou fujibayashi from clannad! :)

#5 Chiagirl on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=haruhirox1234;4199858]im doing ryou fujibayashi from clannad! :)[/QUOTE]

Your character and my character have the same last name. That's kind of creepy.

This will be my first anime convention; I hope to have a great time.

#6 KoaryChan on 7 years ago

Depending on if I go or not... xD
Shizuo Heiwajima. Durarara!!
Ciel's crossdressing version. Kuroshitsuji
England (Arthur Kirkland) Hetalia

Or maybe Alois Trancy.. I'm not sure. Depends on if I can make/buy it in time.. xD;;

It'll be my first Detour tho!!

#7 Ororo Monroe on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=haruhirox1234;4199858]im doing ryou fujibayashi from clannad! :)[/QUOTE]

I thought Clannad was a singing group.

#8 OmarBatGeek on 7 years ago

I'm making a female version of TAS Joker for Anime Detour. It'll be my first convention and my first cosplay! :D

#9 ericableed on 7 years ago

If I can go, hopefully my Silent Hill nurse. Maybe something Hetalia though... France... hehehehehehe.

#10 Satori Veda on 7 years ago

I'm thinking about Tsunade from Naruto and maybe the 4th doctor (Tom Baker) from Doctor Who. Not 100% yet.

#11 rarrrhannah on 7 years ago

I'm so excited for Detour! This year will be my third (:

Anyways, this year I will beeeeee....

Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)
a Flareon gijinka! (you thought it was impossible?!)

And I might bring my Umbreon gijinka that I wore last year as well if my friend wears her Espeon! (:

And yeah, if anybody else is cosplaying something from Persona 4, it'd be cool to do a group shoot 8D (I doubt that'll happen though, lulz.)

#12 Akahime on 7 years ago

@rarrrhannah: I'll be going as Chie this year, so definitely we should get a photo together! 8 D I would love to do a photoshoot with Persona 4. :3 I would like to take the picture myself, but it'll be hard not to have me as Chie in the pictures AND take a photo at the same time. 8D lmao

in general to respond to this thread: I will be Juvia from Fariy Tail (and I'll also be bringing my two sisters who also will cosplay Fairy Tail girls). And also just because I have the uniform, I'll just be Chihiro of Persona 3 (the Justice Social Link girl) on the third day more or less. lmao

#13 inconspicuous on 7 years ago

Omtar: That sounds interesting. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with your first cosplay :)

Rarr: I love persona! I haven't played it in ages though. And Umbreon is one of my favorite pokemon so hopefully I will see it at the con.

#14 rarrrhannah on 7 years ago

@Akahime: dude that would be great (: we should totally coordinate a place and time to meet up, though you might be the only chie there! lol, who knows?

@inconspicuous: i should bring it with then! (:

#15 Akahime on 7 years ago

@rarr: : ) Yesss! I totally agree. And from the looks of the AD forums, it seems that I definitely may be the only Chie there. 8 D Maybe we should cross fingers and we'll have someone or a friend who likes photography can take the pictures for us. 8 D

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