Some Infos about Japan Expo Paris?

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#1 rumi-hinata on 7 years ago

I don't know if I this thread is in the right category...I hope the best :D

So I plan on visiting the Japan Expo in Paris with some friends next year. Since I prefer to start soon when it comes to preperations....:D I would love it, if you could give me some of your experiences from this con

So here are some questions ~ if you have other infos, which are not asked - feel free to write it here...maybe I just forgot to ask :P

Would you advise to go to the convention already in costume or are there rooms where you can change?
Any good Hotel-tips near the convention side ;-)?
Are there part about the programm you would reccomend?
Is English enough to survive at Japan Expo?
How is the food :P more questions for now...thanks in advance for answering in advance :D

#2 Schwibs on 7 years ago

Have you tried the [URL=]France Cosplay[/URL] board? That's not to say that you might not be able to find some useful advice on this board, of course, but I imagine that the folks over there would probably have more to say about the subject.

#3 Mokmo on 7 years ago

I would somehow expect them to speak a bit of english, but please please for extra friendliness points try to learn a few useful phrases.

(Then i see you're german, not an american. No offense to them, but they tend to expect everyone to understand them)

#4 rumi-hinata on 7 years ago

thanks for your replys :D

I will try to learn the most basic phrases...but then again I feel I will butcher the french language~ XD ah well~

#5 Ashurachan on 7 years ago

Hi, long time attendee on board !
I'll try to reply my best

Would you advise to go to the convention already in costume or are there rooms where you can change?

> There is a changing room but unless you participate in the contests it is not guarded, so you'll have to keep all your stuff with you while in the con (or pay 3 euros to have it kept in the luggage office)
> Last year on saturday morning there was a BIG storm just before the opening. A lot of costumes ended up ruined that day.
> If you sleep next to the con, it can be nice to come already cosplay, but taking the train while in cosplay may raise a few eyebrows (not like you'd be the only one in costume, but still...)

Any good Hotel-tips near the convention side ;-)?

> If you want to book an hotel near the convention center, they're almost already full by now.
> They're the most practical to go to the convention (just a short walk), but not if you want to play tourists in Paris and/or go out at night (the place is quite isolated). Also, they're quite expensive so it might be more advantageous to sleep somewhere else along the RER B train line (for example close to Gare du Nord) and take the train to Parc des Expositions every morning. The Parc des Expositions RER stop is closer to the entrance than the hotels.
> The train (RER) is less expensive if you buy tickets in a 10-pack. If you travel a lot, want to visit Paris and its surroudings, a weekly pass may come out as cheaper than individual tickets.
> An alternative is to book an hotel near the Charles de Gaulle airport, and come to the con with a bus (it is only a short ride away), but not much night life there either.

Are there part about the programm you would reccomend?

> Have a look at the concert schedule, if you don't know the performers search for them on the 'net and see for yourself if you like their style. There are very nice surprises each year ^^
> If you don't have a premium ticket, it's very hard to get a signature from any author, but conferences are generally not too crowded.
> The program won't be complete until just a few days before the con, so don't make a schedule for yourself until the last minute. Do make yourself a schedule, just before coming, but keep in mind some things can start/end later than announced, and that crossing the whole con takes an awful lot of time.
> The cosplay shows are always awesome, if you don't want to miss the one on Saturday (will probably be the ECG again), come one hour in advance to be sure you'll be able to see it (there can be 15,000 people in the main stage hall but it's full very fast on that busy day).
> If you want to meet cosplayers, next to the '100% cosplay' stage is the best place to go.

Is English enough to survive at Japan Expo?

> All signs inside are written in both English and French, and in a given group of French young people you'll generally have at least one person who speaks English fluently enough to communicate (hey, we all learn English in school).

How is the food :P

> Expensive, and with a lot of queue comes lunchtime. So I strongly suggest you bring your own food, as well as something to drink. The food is not bad per se, just way too expensive for the quantity. Keep your money for something else :D (especially if you want to go out in Paris).