BBC Sherlock at A-Fest 2012

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#1 DetentionMisfit on 6 years ago

Since there seemed to be a fair amount of interest in a Sherlock photoshoot at A-Kon this past year, I decided that maybe we should organize an actual, planned photoshoot for A-Fest since some people couldn't participate in the impromptu photoshoot that was put together at A-Kon.

For now, the sketchy plan is to meet up at the Cancer Survivor Plaza and find some shots from there. Not sure of what day or what time yet, but that will be decided once the con gets a bit closer. I'll try to make it so that it doesn't interfere with the SuperWhoLockLin shoot, so people can go to both if they want.

Come with ideas for pictures/poses you want, because my friend Erica (ericalw) will be there with her high-quality camera and will be able to get some beautiful photos of our costumes!

This shoot will be at 2pm on Saturday on the second floor of the "Artist Alley" area, somewhere out of the way. We might move around from there. The latest we'll go is 5:30 so that people can go to the SuperWhoLockLin meetup at 6 if they want to.

#2 ericalw on 6 years ago

Squee~ I totally just flipped out finding this while browsing the A-fest tag! XD I can't wait to do cosplay shoots again!! :D

#3 Mama Austria on 6 years ago

It depends on the day - I may bring Sherlock just for this!

#4 DetentionMisfit on 6 years ago

All right, I've been watching the SuperWhoLockLin photoshoot thread and I'm slowly finding out it's going to be pretty hard to schedule around this thing. Right now, I'm thinking Sunday might be the best day to have this even though I personally can't get to the con until around one or two in the afternoon on that day. Any thoughts or objections to this?

#5 Mama Austria on 6 years ago

Oooh I won't be able to swing that. but it's okay! You have it when it b est for you!

#6 tealgoddess on 6 years ago

Hey I'm the leader of the superwholocklin photoshoot, and I was just reading this forum. I'm sorry if my photoshoot if being dificult; its my first one to actually plan all by myself and you can probably tell that by how awkward of a time I'm having thinking of good times/schedules U n U

if you would like to work together to find a good schedule that fits both of our groups I'm willing to work it out the best I can :) I myself am a big sherlock fan so the idea of a second specifically sherlock shoot sounds great, and I don't want to ruin it by my bad scheduling abilities hahaha;;;

#7 DetentionMisfit on 6 years ago

Oh, no, it's fine! I understand how crazy it is to try and plan things. XD

I'd love to have them both on Saturday, but it seems the SuperWhoLockLin shoot will go on for quite a while and I'm not sure how late Erica (the photographer) will want to take photos (lighting, personal energy levels, etc.). Plus, I plan on going to both photoshoots in different costumes (River or Castiel for SuperWhoLockLin, then Watson for Sherlock) so I'd like to allow a little bit of time in between so people can change into different costumes if they like. How long do you think the SuperWhoLockLin shoot will last?

#8 tealgoddess on 6 years ago

Hmm.. well the one at akon didn't last very long, 15-30 max, so I would assume the afest meet would take just as long. I can reschedule the superwholocklin meet for later than planned if you need, since the time we scheduled for already has a conflict with a panel one of our shoot leaders is part of. The rest of the superwholocklin shoot (drinking tea and playing games) will last as long as people are willing to stay, so maybe having the superwholocklin shoot later would be a good idea anyways (if its in the middle of the day, most people would have to leave soon after to go to other shoots or panels etc). That way, the sherlock meet can be before the superwholocklin meet U v U What time would you be up for?

#9 DetentionMisfit on 6 years ago

Hmm yeah it might be a good idea to have the superwholocklin shoot after the Sherlock shoot, that way people can play games and drink tea without feeling rushed. Late morning might even work for the Sherlock shoot, so then the superwholocklin could be in the early afternoon. How does that sound?

#10 tealgoddess on 6 years ago

Sure! I was thinking about having the superwholocklin shoot at six, since its before the night events but after most of the day events have already closed. Does that sound good to you?

#11 DetentionMisfit on 6 years ago

That sounds great! I guess we can just take the afternoon, then. That will work out very nicely!

#12 tealgoddess on 6 years ago

Where do you plan on having the sherlock shoot? :0 Still in the cancer survivors plaza?

#13 DetentionMisfit on 6 years ago

Okay! Sorry for not setting this in stone earlier, but I think we're going to try to meet up at 2pm where the SuperWhoLockLin meetup will be- second floor, somewhere out of the way. We'll go until we don't feel like doing anything anymore or until 5:30 so that people can go change costumes for the SuperWhoLockLin.
Hope to see people there!

#14 MatthewLaufey on 4 years ago

Do you guys know if anyone is doing this stuff for 2014?

#15 MewKilalaMew on 4 years ago

Is there a facebook event for this?? I know my friend and I would love to attend. We will be Sherlock and Mycroft.

if its on Saturday it might be a tight squeeze but we will try to make it! Im running the Marvel Photoshoot at noon that day so I will just have to make sure not to wear She-hulk!