Silver Hair?

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#1 TheWunny on 8 years ago

I know I don't post on here often, I normally just browse, but a few might know me.
I have a few questions, and hopefully I can get a few answers. I would appreciate it very much.
I decided to post in this section of the forum, looking for help from other people who are Visual Kei fashion freaks like me. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

I've been searching around trying to figure out ways to get my hair silver. All of the salons here are saying, "It isn't possible." But I know it is. My sister works at a salon as well, and she's trying to tell me it isn't either. But I've met many people with dyed silver hair. So...

Question #1
Does anyone know good methods of getting platinum blonde hair to silver?

And with that being said, I've also want to put two other colors in with this silver. So...

Question #2
Which combo do you think would look better? Silver with black and dark blue streaks, or silver with black and maroon streaks?

Thank you for the help in advance. If you need any pictures of me to decide which color combos might look better, I'll add some pictures.

#2 MystifiedDreams on 8 years ago

I know of a youtuber I watch that has had silver hair for a while. He made a couple videos explainin the process of going from blonde to silver. Here are the links!

Tutorial: [url][/url]

Explaining video: [url][/url]

I hope this helps! ^_^

#3 matthew007 on 8 years ago

It is cute but i like pink color of hair once i did it my hair color is red now...

#4 sunseenli on 8 years ago

Unfortunately, I don't know how to dye your hair silver, but if you do find out, I think silver with black and dark blue would look cooler than silver with black and maroon.

#5 TheWunny on 8 years ago

Hello! Thanks for all the replies everyone. I was able to get my hair dyed today, and it looks great! And I chose the blue haha..

#6 AyuNakano on 7 years ago

Honestly, I would put in some grey to make it look more silver but nothing that would fade into a brownish colour other than black.
Also, I would put in some purple along with the blue so you wouldn't have to tone as often: The purple dye will act as a toner.