Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 2013 Gathering!

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#1 krisokami on 6 years ago

9 years of Reborn being a part of Shonen Jump, and even the Anime and Manga are done. We shall still continue on with the gathering. c:

[QUOTE][B]KHR Mini Gathering
Day: Day 1 (Thursday/July 4)
Time:3:30 pm
Location: West Hall[/B][/QUOTE]

[B]Day: Day 2 (Friday/July 5)
Time: 3:00 pm ([URL="http://s439.photobucket.com/user/ChibiLucas/media/Anime Expo map/AX_LACC_Gathering_Sites.jpg.html"]Click for Map Viewing[/URL])
Location: Site 3[/B]

Co-Hosts: Vongola-Decima, roy_leingod
Giotto - Pudding Earl
Tsunayoshi Sawada - tipsd9video, Vongola-Decima(Fem. Vers), NaomiHime (Fem.Vers?)
Takeshi Yamamoto - Mkamzng1, Vongola-Decima, persiandragon, baseball-brain
Hibari Kyouya - Tokio Amarfi
Hayato Gokudera - [Size="1"]Vongola-Decima's friend

Viper - nataliaxasch
Lal Mirch - cheaglewish17

Xanxus - mikakichi_1111(TYL)
Lussuria - mikakichi_1111's friend (TYL)
Squalo - mikakichi_1111's friend (TYL)
Fran - DarkChappy ,NaomiHime, mikakichi_1111's friend (TYL)

Dino - Tokio Amarfi's friend

Adelheid - animenerd93

Mukuro Rokudo - roy_leingod
Chrome Dokuro - roy_leingod's sister, AngelicDragon
Chikusa - kevxcross
Ken - NZ Roy Mustang


-Black Spells

-White Spells
Uni - AmeChao


Vindice Member - Skullflame
[b]Other Characters[/B]
Haru - kookiez01

#2 darkchappy on 6 years ago

You know you have me in as Fran/Flan (Kokuyo Gang version)

#3 krisokami on 6 years ago

Haha yeah xDD Gonna get that Frapple ready!

#4 tipsd9video on 6 years ago

I'll try to be there as Shimon Arc Tsuna

#5 krisokami on 6 years ago

Updated ^ ^
@Tipsd9video: Hope to see you there ~

#6 animenerd93 on 6 years ago

should b there.... adelheid shimon family.. school uniform

#7 krisokami on 6 years ago

Added ~

#8 Vongola-Decima on 6 years ago

I would love to co-host/host with you. Though I'm not sure wether or not I'm going as of yet... but if I do Go, I'll also be attending as Female Tsuna

#9 krisokami on 6 years ago

Thank you thank you very much on that. Just keep me updated if anything happens. ~

#10 NaomiHime on 6 years ago

Ill be there as either Fran or Fem Tsuna :3

#11 Vongola-Decima on 6 years ago

Right. :) I will. i really hope I can host with you. I hosted it last year in place of DarkChappy and i must say it was REALLY fun. :3

#12 krisokami on 6 years ago

@NaomiHime: welcome aboard ~
@Vongola-Decima: Let's see if we can make this gathering fun even more on next AX xDD

#13 nataliaxasch on 6 years ago

I will be going as Mammon/Viper

#14 krisokami on 6 years ago

Added~ :3

#15 Mkamzng1 on 6 years ago

I can come as Takeshi Yamamoto.