nan desu kan naruto cosplays anyone?

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#1 Therealpinkashs on 8 years ago

HEY FELLOW COSPLAYERS! ^-^ lol so im new to the hole cosplay thing :sulk: but! i think im getting the hang of it :cool: lol anyway..... any narutards out there going to NDK? know in cosplay? :rofl: this is going to be my first time going to nan desu kan (or a anime con.) and i know theres going to be people in naru cosplay ( pretty sure ^-^) but i wanted to get to know some other people going so that way i dont feel so lonely lol i talked my dad in to taking me, (to young to drive :blubber: ) and my brother may go but hes not really in to cosplaying and the only anime he likes is naruto (go figure :p ) and he dont really like it that much :c so yea.........PEACE! :wave:

#2 Mariks_Dragon on 8 years ago

Wrong place for this.

#3 dalbkino on 8 years ago

Actually there is a Naruto Photoshoot/Stampede every year at NDK. Here's the thread post from the NDK Forums.

"Yes, it's back for year 5! I was very pleased with last year's turnout, so I'm making another Naruto photo shoot, followed by the infamous stampede!

As always, it'll be Saturday at noon, outside on the island. If the island is wet like it was last year, it'll be moved to the parking lot south of the hotel." - The_Envious_Elric

Link -> [url],5569.0.html[/url]