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#1 daguru on 10 years ago

Welcome. My plans for this year's Ohayocon are made more for a group than a single costume. I'm in the middle of sculpting and casting Heads/Hands/Belts/Feet for various putty patrol costumes. I'd like to have a set of a dozen or so and bring them to the con.

Now here's the thing, I would need about a dozen people to wear them and act like a putty to be in our group. I would need people to purchase/make zentai suits for themselves and paint them appropriately (or inappropriately. They're all unique, so you can paint your own design on it). All you have to do is follow my orders (as I'll be dressed as the leader), wear my putty accessories (hands, head, feet), and we can get an awesome costume group together.

Heck, if you want to KEEP the accessories, just give me $20 at the con to cover the cost of materials, otherwise, I'd like them to be returned so I can use them for another convention.

Btw, I'm making putty accessories to fit this version of the putty patrol:

So I would need a dozen people to:
1. Make/Purchase a gray zentai suit and paint it with black paint accordingly.
2. Show up at Ohayocon '09 with the suit for the group
3. Wear my accessories so that we all look "uniform"
4. Walk like "putties" in a group, then return the parts when we're done.

Who's with me?

#2 Kesra on 10 years ago

Makes me sad I won't have even started on my Rita Repulsa cosplay at this point.

#3 daguru on 10 years ago

Hope this stirs up some interest. Come on, dudes. This'll be EPIC

#4 vampricyoda on 10 years ago

If I was remotely near this con I'd be all over this.

#5 ManiacMarshall on 10 years ago know what? Fuck it. If I do come, I'm down with it... pardon me while I look for a grey zentai suit..

So will we be squatting around people in a circle, skipping around them going "BLUBLUBLUBLU! BLUBLUBLUBLU! BLUBLUBLUBLU!"?

#6 0bscurity on 10 years ago

Aaaaaagh my childhood!. What an AWESOME idea D: Now if only I were actually GOING to ohayo, and not just...showing up by bus from down the street when I feel like it.

#7 Avianna on 10 years ago

If only I had the money to shell out for ONE MORE COSTUME. *Sigh*

#8 daguru on 10 years ago

bleh... well, I found out from strippervash that he actually wanted to do this mega-PR group for Anime Central instead of Ohayo. So I guess I'll still bring a few mask sets to Ohayo, but just do some walking around instead.

#9 Robo Jing on 10 years ago

Daguru stop being amazing xDDDD hahaha, can't wait to see this

#10 Blueeyedfreak on 10 years ago

i remember comming up with this last year, i am in 100% if i can find this stuit thing and get it done in time

#11 Kesra on 10 years ago

I wish I could get Rita done in time. Maybe next year.

#12 Ameria on 10 years ago

Oh if I had the money for a suit and thought I could actually pull off wearing one of those things, I would SOOOOOO be in. T_T

#13 Zoroko on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=Ameria;2773922]Oh if I had the money for a suit and thought I could actually pull off wearing one of those things, I would SOOOOOO be in. T_T[/QUOTE]

LOL ditto~ XD

#14 djdotkiyo on 10 years ago

I'm looking foward to this... since I'm going to be a power ranger (sans helmet) on saturday =D

#15 zombierage777 on 5 years ago

You still making the masks? I've never beento this con but I'd be down to try it.