Dangan Ronpa Cosplayers?

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#16 thatasianperson on 5 years ago

We have a small group on Sunday, I'll be cosplaying Naegi again.

#17 catgirl147 on 5 years ago

Junko, and my friend (if he's coming) is Naegi :) not sure what day yet!

#18 Ruru. on 5 years ago

I'll most likely be Sonia on Friday or Sunday!...someone pls cosplay Gundam *v*...

#19 yuisama on 5 years ago

Maybe as a Saionji~

#20 Rhapsados on 5 years ago

I'm going to be Saionji on Saturday and Tsumiki (or Chihiro, I haven't decided yet) on Sunday!

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