Dangan Ronpa Cosplayers?

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#1 Krel on 5 years ago

Hey there everyone!

Since Dangan Ronpa and Super Dangan Ronpa 2 are starting to get popular, I'm hoping to see it at Anime North next year!
There's so many characters it'd be great to see a wide range of cosplayers there~

*edit* I'm planning on going as Chiaki Nanami (original and fan-made outfit)
How about you guys?

#2 buttoncatcher on 5 years ago

I'm going to be Chihiro on Friday!

#3 Cloudy_12 on 5 years ago

Planning Celes (normal) for Saturday and Sunday, going to love them drill hair.

#4 AJ the Collector on 5 years ago

Thinking of being Naegi! :D Dunno what day though, if at all.

#5 Krel on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Cloudy_12;4758427]Planning Celes (normal) for Saturday and Sunday, going to love them drill hair.[/QUOTE]

Awesome~ Good luck with the drills haha

#6 AJ the Collector on 5 years ago

Alright, decided that, should all go according to plan, I'll be doing Naegi on Sunday. :D

#7 LuluHime on 5 years ago

Probably will re due my Junko Enoshima or Tsumiki Mikan cosplay for Anime North ~

#8 artsynicola on 5 years ago

I'm going to try to go as Chiaki Nanami from SDR2 :)

#9 Haruchii on 5 years ago

Monokuma on Friday. :)

#10 impossiblypossi on 5 years ago

I have a group of Dangan Ronpa genderbends on the Friday during the evening
and I'll be wearing Junko and then Mahiru later during the day on the Sunday!

#11 x.tearRain.x on 5 years ago

I'll be Asahina Aoi! I'm not sure if I'll cos her for Friday or Sunday :D

#12 DiGi_Rin on 5 years ago

I'm being Kirigiri, I'm unsure what day yet though.

#13 FFValentine on 5 years ago

I'll be running around as Ishimaru on Friday handing out detention slips!
It would be really cool if we could organize a meetup sometime in the evening?

#14 dothebravething on 4 years ago

I'm not planning to wear her at all during the days of the con, but seeing as I live in the city and don't have to limit myself to what I'm packing, I'm probably going to bring Peko to roam around in during the evening since it's one of the most comfortable costumes I'll have by that point

#15 kawaiilove on 4 years ago

I might bring Junko to change into if one of my other costumes are too uncomfortable! :3