Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin meetup

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#1 FenixMage on 6 years ago

On friday i have 3 people going as members of the Survey Corps from Shingeki no Kyojin if anyone is cosplaying Attack on Titan come meetup!

#2 Thia Fayne on 6 years ago

I'll be Annie at NYCC though I'm not sure which day yet!

EDIT: I'll probably wear her on Friday!

#3 Rewrite on 6 years ago

I'll be going as Zoe Hange on Friday and possibly for a bit on Saturday. Depending on what photoshoots are going on when I'll change my plans accordingly UvU

#4 lionheartedvalo on 6 years ago

Mikasa or Ymir when the scarf gets too stuffy. It'll be my first time at NYAF/NYCC! I just bought a Friday ticket online, but Saturday tickets are already sold out online so is there any chance of getting them onsite the day of?

#5 Vavo Natsumi on 6 years ago

I'm planning Christa for probably Friday and Saturday. A meetup sounds like fun.

#6 alpakanaitis on 6 years ago

i have a small group as well, but we'll be there on sunday!

#7 FenixMage on 6 years ago

We will def be doing them on friday, sunday is still a chance too....

#8 Shining Blaze on 6 years ago

I'll probably be Deadpool in Recon Corps clothing with two yard sticks and two tape measures to stand in for the 3D Maneuver Gear I'm working on. No idea when, but I'll have it lined up for when the meetup is.

#9 Apocalypticai on 6 years ago

I'm planning on going as Sasha Blouse on Sunday!

#10 lolicide on 6 years ago

Levi or Eren, depends if I'm really willing to invest.

#11 Vavo Natsumi on 6 years ago

Plans had to change. I should be Petra instead; same days though.
Edit: I might be Christa as well.

#12 Apocalypticai on 6 years ago

Change of plans, there's a chance I'll do Sasha on Friday instead of Sunday. Whichever day, I'm doing Ruby from RWBY the other day, but it's a matter of how much tailoring I have to do with the jacket I ordered...

#13 sillymyway on 6 years ago

I should be attending as Armin on Friday. I'm totally hoping to meet some other people in the fandom!

#14 Apocalypticai on 6 years ago


NYCC is in 2 weeks. I will personally be wearing Sasha on Sunday, since I had a mishap with ordering the jacket... And also I can make my sister carry the giant Ruby scythe if I wear it on Friday.

Is anyone up for a SnK meetup on Sunday at 12 at the main entrance? We can also try and find a photographer. I've never organized a meetup before!

I made a facebook group though!

#15 Roxxors on 6 years ago

I'll be wearing Armin on Saturday with a Mikasa! Any plans for a Saturday meetup?