Anime Cosplay at Comic Con

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#1 _Vi on 6 years ago

I know its NYAF as well, but majority is focused on the comics.

I was a little nervous about wearing my anime cosplay to this, as I may not be as accepted as the comic or video game cosplayers. I haven't been to this convention since it was all NYAF and Im not sure how it's changed. Are there still anime cosplayers there? If I cosplay an anime character, will I be accepted enough to be comfortable?

#2 Sonic Whammy on 6 years ago

Even though I haven't been able to do my game shows there since the first year of the merger in 2010, I have still dressed as Ryu every year while doing my surveys. And I still see every form of cosplay there, anime and video games alike. Heck, a year or two ago at Otakon, I saw a pair of guys dressed as King Arthur and the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The one thing you learn is that just about every convention you go to equals a chance for people to dress up however they want. So go with what makes you comfortable, and somewhere along the way, someone's gonna recognize you.

#3 Quinn the Shiki on 6 years ago

Cosplay what you want, a convention is a convention!

I'm going as anime characters as well, so I'll be right there with ya ^_^

#4 Ron Jr on 6 years ago

There will be plenty of Anime cosplay there. Enjoy yourself.

#5 Kaze Saffire on 6 years ago

For the past 3 years, I've been getting dirty looks once I take a step to the dark side ( aka the comic book side of the show floor ) The end result? Still doing anime cosplays. I'm a bit shaky on what I'll be doing this year, but chances are there's gunna be at least one anime cosplay in there, if not my entire line up as usual.

#6 Pendoroseti on 6 years ago

In terms of cosplay, NYCC 2012 more or less had fairly distributed cosplay, Anime still had somewhat a presence. I seen everything from Sailor moon, to Soul Eater, to Star Wars, to Legend of Korra, to Iron Man, to Tohou, to Mortal Combat, to Mario Tennis, to Deadpool and even a giant Velociraptor.

However, the walking dead (zombie cosplay) and Adventure Time held the most predominant influence.

sources - I went there (Saturday)

There is just a serious lack of press, masquerade and guests.
We still have dealer room, panels, artists' alley and cosplayers however.

That said, As much as I miss New York Anime Festival, [U]Even comics[/U] are seeing less showroom space against all of the video game and TV show focus. I'll be going in 2013 again, simply because my interests are all over, but if you want anime focus I'd pick somewhere else. Also, don't worry about comics "looking down" on Cosplay. From my experiences at Javit's and cons in general, most of the attendees are really are sweet people. I asked for a hundred photos that day and only got 1 cold shoulder.

Don't fret about the comics community, they're just as awesome.

#7 hikaru2322 on 6 years ago

Anime is still fairly large at NYCC. I wear an anime cosplay every year. This year I'll be going as Godoka ^^

#8 Quinn the Shiki on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=hikaru2322;4730443]Anime is still fairly large at NYCC. I wear an anime cosplay every year. This year I'll be going as Godoka ^^[/QUOTE]

If I see you, I'll want a picture!

As for my anime cosplays, I'm only going Saturday and Sunday, but I'll be Lucille from Grand Guignol orchestra one of those days and Uro from Karneval on the other.

#9 alpakanaitis on 6 years ago

oh, i'd say you'd be accepted! there's totally a buncha anime cosplayers!
i'm actually going on saturday and sunday, and on both days i'll be cosplaying anime characters B)

#10 LordVoldy on 6 years ago

This will be my fourth year attending NYCC, and every year I've gone I've worn an anime cosplay. This year I'll be going as Uchiha Itachi from Naruto. There's quite a mixture of cosplays, but I know I'm always happy to meet fellow anime cosplayers.

#11 SunshineBby on 6 years ago

This makes me feel a lot better, it'll be my first year going and without really thinking about it I started my Lyfa costume. now as it gets closer I started to worry about the anime influence at nycc so this is great news!

#12 songsilence on 6 years ago

I'll be there as Kushina from Naruto at least one day!

#13 Life Size 23 on 6 years ago

You should wear what you want. ComicCon is for everything!

I usually switch between manga/anime and my "American" comic costumes.

Last year I was humanoid Raphael TMNT,however, this year I am going to be Haruhi Fujioka

from Ouran High School Host Club.


Hope you have fun :)

#14 Kaze Saffire on 6 years ago

You are going to be Haruhi Fujioka on Sunday...I am VERY tempted to throw on an Ouran cosplay now.

#15 Life Size 23 on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=Kaze Saffire;4750518]You are going to be Haruhi Fujioka on Sunday...I am VERY tempted to throw on an Ouran cosplay now.[/QUOTE]

Yes I am :) OMG you should! Let me know if you decide to ^^

I wanted to wear her Saturday also, but Saturday and 3-Day passes were all sold out :(

It's ok though, I am so happy I was able to get a Sunday pass, now they are all sold out too.