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  • My girlfriend and I are preparing for Megacon 2013, we just attended it this year here in Central Florida with... no costumes... .

    So, in order to redeem ourselves for next years convention, we would like go do a couples costume as Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino) and Tuxedo Mask (Mamoru Chiba)! I am the male of course, so I will be going as Tuxedo Mask, and I was wondering if anyone had any simple tutorials on how to piece together his costume! The costume I'm going for is the traditional one, seen here: [URL="http://sailor-baby-moon.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/tuxedomask.jpg"]Tuxedo Mask[/URL]

    My preferences is no blue as well. I know most people put a blue rim on the hat, and around his Cuffs, but I would prefer all black. I believe we can all agree that the Tuxedo part is easy, I can find that. As well as the white bowtie, white vest, and white undershirt. The shoes, gloves, and Rose are also very easy.

    What I need help making is the following:
    [*]Top Hat

    Thanks! -Zach

  • [FONT="Century Gothic"]Hey there!
    My boyfriend and I have plans to make a crossover Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask as well. (Miku and Kaito)
    I looked up somethings for Tuxedo Mask, and it's not to hard to find, but it can be a bit expensive, or time consuming if you decide to make it. (Your image isn't working btw lol)
    (I've never seen a blue rimmed Tuxedo Mask personally (like in the show), but of course you don't have to. I think it looks better all black as well ^^)

    For the suit, he has the type of tuxedo called, a White Tie.
    I'm not a sew-tress, but these coats are really hard to make on your own, and I would advise to just buy older/used so you don't have to pay so much for a costume, or buy a real nice one in case you feel like being fancy else were lol! This is pretty much all you need for the entire suit along with shoes.
    Here is more info about the coat-and-tie that he wears that will help you find what you're looking for.
    [URL="http://www.blacktieguide.com/White_Tie/White_Tie_Waistcoat.htm"]Black Tie Guide[/URL]

    Obviously he wears a white bow tie, but those are not hard to find.

    With the top hat, again, you can get really cheap [URL="http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=300403&catid=185844&aid=337953&aparam=buyseasons_costumes_mad_&CAWELAID=631787684"]party[/URL]/[URL="http://www.halloweenexpress.com/top-hat-p-22530.html"]cloth[/URL] ones, or get an [URL="http://www.gentlemansemporium.com/store/000479.php?gclid=CKryh-vYr64CFQTrKgodbFORLA"]authentic[/URL] one if you wish.

    For the cape, again you can buy a real nice silk one (another 100 bucks or so) or make your own. The type of cape he has is called a reanissance cloak or a theatre cape. The patterns are cheap and easy to find, but it's the materials that will start to rack up your bill. Granted it will probably still be cheaper then buying one, but you do need to be a bit skilled in sewing, and sewing with a LOT of fabric.

    For the mask, it is very simple to make, and you can choose to make it with or without the white lenses. I was thinking of making a cardboard frame and sewing white fabric around it then a thin white layer of cloth inside the eye holes. I looked around for pre-made masks like his, but was unsuccessful.

    You do always have the choice to just buy a full out-fit from commissioners, but remember, they will probably use cheaper fabric and it will probably lack a lot of detail. (Even though that depends on who you buy it from and at what price.) [URL="http://www.azcostume.com/0054"][X][/URL][URL="http://www.oscostume.com/item/sailor-moon-prince-endymion-da/lid=3229433"][X][/URL]

    I hope this helps you both become an awesome cosplay couple. :D[/FONT]

  • Hey Seority! Thanks for the awesome reply! My picture link works on my computer, but I don't know why it wouldn't work for you =/. Anywho, I was looking into the Cape making instead of buying thing, and I thought I could just go to a Joann's Fabrics and buy about 2.5 yards of Red and Black fabric, then just sew or iron them together to make a cape, and cut for length of course.

    I really appreciate your info on the type of suit he wears, I had no clue! That's going to make this costume 100x easier!! It looks like in that picture you posted of the White Tie Suit that it has a coat tail, and I don't want that but im sure that's not hard to find.

    Also with the hat, I've seen numerous hats online that has a curved rim, and Tuxedo Mask wears a Flat Rimmed hat. I know its not a BIG deal, but I want to be as accurate as possible :P

    For the mask, I saw a few people used eye glasses with the lenses removed, and just hot glued a White Foamie Board cut-out they made to the glasses, that way its comfortable and it fits.

    Again though, thanks so much for your input! You made this like I said, 100x easier for me. :D

  • [FONT="Century Gothic"]Glad to help Zach. :toothy:

    Yeah for the cape I didn't know if you were planning on getting satin or velvet for that shinier look, but getting simple cotton fabrics should make it a lot easier.
    You can also look into get Phantom of the Opera capes and just adding a red inlining, since they are about the same.
    I bought a renaissance cape pattern to use, and I would just skip the hood part.

    Good luck Zach![/FONT]

  • Tuxedo Mask is extremely easy to piece together.

    You could easily buy a "Dracula" cape *turn under the collar*, and attach the buttons that are on his shoulders to hold the cape in place.
    These capes are made of polyester, but they're not horrid looking. (I have one for my boyfriend's Tux mask).

    Also, 2.5 yards isn't enough for a long cape. You're looking at about 4.5 yards at least, or a full bed sheet size.
    Which, if you went with cotton, I say getting two flat sheets would be cheaper. All you would do is cut, and sew, flip inside out, and turn under the bottom hem and stitch that.

    For that hat, look online for top hats. I usually purchase my costume hats during Halloween time at Goodwill or somewhere.


    Anyway, I hope that helps a bit. :)

  • My girlfriends mom knows how to sew pretty well, so I'm going to have her add the 8 gold buttons (2 of them to hold the cape on) onto my jacket. As for the cape, I think we can just buy some cotton or velvet or something and just have her sew the 2 sheets together, then button it to the jacket.

    As for the top hat, I still haven't seen any that I really like, but I still have an entire year to do this, so no rush. I just want to get it right.

  • I would just like to say thank you for everyone who posted and offer congratulations to those who've completed theirs. For the life of me I couldn't remember the name of his tux and cape. I'm sewing a tuxedo mask outfit for my 5ft 99lb friend(her girlfriend has a princess Serinity) and i'm making a Prince Endymion costume out of duct tape :D we're all going together to Anime Fest in a month, this should be I
    ntetesting lol

  • If this helps anyone who is choosing to do this character, the proper name for Tuxedo Kamen/Masks tuxedo is a Six Button Spencer Waist Coat... It is essentially a Tuxedo Tails coat with the tail removed. The correct coat will have "Peaked" lapel and not "Notched" lapels. Anyone seeking to add a high quality costume piece could shop around the local Tux shops in their neighborhood... Though this isn't a popular/common tuxedo style anymore... Ask a sales person if they carry this coat style and if they would/could sell any of the rental coats at discount...
    In 2010, I was lucky enough to fins a Spencer Coat after going to 17 tuxedo shops in my hometown... was able to purchase a rental coat for $50... The shop also threw in a matching pants w/ satin stripe and a white paisley vest for free... All this with custom fitting.

    Wish you well on your project...

    Ps. Something I discovered when attaching the cape to the coat... It looks fine in the Manga and Anime, but when you attach a heavy weighted cape to your coat with the 2 buttons (as the character has), it pulls the coat upwards and backwards over your shoulders... makes the coat feel a little awkwards... I'd recommend using a light to medium weight material. Easier on the coat... AND looks cool flowing in the wind.

  • Thank you SJRoninBei. That makes it easier describing what I want over the phone :razz:

  • Another suggestion for the mask is to buy a glasses frame, take out the glass and maybe the top rounds of the frame so you're left with like dumbledoor style specs without glasses then shape a mask out of modelling clay slightly to the shape of your nose and how your eyes cave then smooth it to how you like and out it in the oven. You could then paint it white and put a nice laze over it so you have an awesome looking mask with will be like glasses so it won't fall and break :)))

    For the trim you cold have a Navy or a Grey ribbon if you don't like the blue :))

  • It is essentially a Tuxedo Tails coat with the tail removed. The correct coat will have "Peaked" lapel and not "Notched" lapels. Anyone seeking to add a high quality costume piece could shop around the local Tux shops in their neighborhood.

    [url=http://www.ileather.org/]leather jackets[/url]