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#31 Karisu-sama on 16 years ago

Here, I did a cut 'n paste of some posts off the guy-tuck thread, to put on-topicness that belongs here in the relevant place...
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mizuno Tenshi [/i]
[B]3M Transpore tape is a good choice. It's a clear, strong, hypo-allergenic medical tape. Has a little bit of stretch too, which makes it more comfortable. [url][/url] [/b][/quote]
(Karisu: ) Hmmm: I see it comes in a 2" width: good. But it's clear -oops. I need to still be decent when I bend over = my low-cut shirt gives a clear view of..... stuff. Yeah, why are GUY'S nipples not considered indecent exposure, huh? Bloody double standards!! Make 'em put on SHIRTS! :p
Karisu-san, here's another type of tape that'll help. Honestly, anything medical grade sounds better and less likely to screw up your skin. [url][/url]
There's also a paper tape you may want to use for the most sensitive areas, like over the nipples, but it won't hold as strongly. [/b][/quote]
(Karisu: ) Believe it or not, it's not what you'd expect; it's NOT the nipple part that's the problem. It's the surprisingly tender skin on the lower part of what little I do have. Ouch. >.< Nipples have to be kinda durable - they are designed to nurse babies (something I've had plenty 'o experience at. :p )

#32 Cyber Wolf on 16 years ago

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Karisu-sama [/i]
[B]Baby oil... hmmm... don't have any of that, but I did use some nail polish remover. Wasn't quite good enough, though.

My husband's attitude is the biggest barrier I have. >.< I think he is somehow afraid (and WHY?) that I don't want to be a girl, LOL - I am perfectly HAPPY to actually be a girl! And to actually HAVE boobs, as well as a 10" waist-hip differential! However, I really love the silly guy, and for the sake of harmony.... *sigh*

Here you go, Mochihead: "Boob Fairy" :p Oh, and thanks so much - I heard YOU provided yummies for one of those gatherings on the Hilton Mezzanine I was at; Jarod's B-day party, right? ^^

Got a piccy I took in the hotel mirror - where did my chest go? o.O....... [/B][/QUOTE]

O.O;;; Where DID it go? ~_~ Eh, scared me for a moment there it did, lol. I'll just have to try this method out ^^

#33 Faye Valentine on 16 years ago

Wow...boob-less!! I MUST try that!!!! *is excited*

Karisu-sama: do you have any pictures of you and your family cosplaying?

#34 Karasu on 15 years ago

I might have to do the Ace bandage thing you suggested.

So far I have been doing a sports bra and duct tape. Breathing was a little difficult, so I was looking for new opinions. Most of the upcoming cosplay ideas for me. . .are crossplay.

The trouble for me is I am a C. The duct tape route hurts after a while. In AX03 I was Katan from Angel Sanctuary and I actually pulled a muscle in my rib cage because I was breathing weird. Damn the duct tape!!!! *shakes fist in the air*

Oh, Karisu-sama, I saw you and your family at AX03. Everyone looked awesome! I loved the Dragonslayer's armor. What is that made of, by the way?? Just curious! ^_^

#35 Beware_UY7 on 15 years ago

Hey, dun' feel bad, I'm a C-cup too. Actually C-D. Yeah, binding can hurt for us girls, but it shouldn't make it harder to breath if you're breathing properly. When you breath, remember, your chest shouldn't rise and fall! Your lower abdomin should expand when you inhale and contract when you exhale. Most people don't know that about breathing unless they have musical training, but if you didn't know before, you do now.
If you remember this, it also makes binding more comfortable for longer periods of time. (Although it's always nice to rip bandages off and be able to stretch)

#36 Vialoi Ketsueke on 15 years ago

..I think the boob fairy gave me a visit four times when I was asleep one night. ..I envy you B cups..-.-, not to mention A, and C.

#37 Karasu on 15 years ago

*ponders* Yeah, I guess I do breathe wrong. I did have voice lessons, but that was a long time ago. I guess I forgot. That and I kept running after cosplayers to get their picutres! ^_^ As bad as a C is, I am just glad I am not a D, that would really hurt.

Stretching after the binding is off is excellent!!!!

#38 megumibish on 15 years ago

here's an interesting tape link
the guard tex doesn't adhere to skin really but hold tight and steadfast when overlapping itself. so no ripped off skin. i use it at work for my fingers and it's great. than and they have wide tapes.

#39 Karisu-sama on 15 years ago

Ace Bandage method:
I use 6"wide NON-STICKY ACE brand (brand is important! ACE is much more resilient!) bandages, with the clip closure, not the velcro kind. (Walgreens usually carries 'em.) Wrap around, but not too tight so that your ribs hurt, adjust what you have under them up and out to the sides. If you are "bigger" than I (most women seem to be, including my 12-year-old daughter), you may need two of them. If that's not enough, ACE bandages are not your method of choice.

Advantages: Easy to adjust, or take off and redo in the ladies' room.

Drawbacks: Bandage shows with a low-cut shirt. :( Bandage tends to wiggle down after a while, and needs some pulling up. If you wrap down the ribs as well, this is minimized (but DON'T wrap too tight on the ribs - you WILL be in major PAIN. )

It works well enough, but I thought I could breathe better with the tape, and it constrained the muscles less. Like I said, though, I may get s*** from the SO if I try the tape again. :( In any case, by the end of one day at Y-con, I just ditched the bandage altogether and went around with nothing on under that tank top - it felt soooooo good to be free....

I've tried the "control-top panty-hose used as a "tank top" method". (The legs & crotch are cut out to make the armholes and neck hole.) I'm NOT impressed.
a) It didn't flatten ME out enough. (!!!) Maybe enough for a loose thick shirt high-necked shirt - but *I* need REALLY flat.
b) The "shoulder straps" really dug into my shoulders very painfully from the moment I put it on. NOT acceptable.
c) You have a seam up the front of your body. :(

Faye Valentine: Attached should be a pic of my family cosplaying at AX03.

Karasu: The armor is made out of Celluclay, over a base made from pieces of plastic collander and cardboard. It's not as nice as I wanted it to be, because it needed about 5 more days of spackle & sanding that I did not have... Oh well *plans to re-work it*

#40 Karisu-sama on 15 years ago

Eeee, Megumibish! Lowell Massachusetts! We used to own a house there, close to Chelmsford! - Lived there for 5 years before moving to CA! ^^

Guard Tex might work for an all-around bind (never tried it), but wouldn't work for my "guy cleavage" method - I actually DO need something that sticks to skin. (Just that doesn't take it off afterward! :p )

#41 Agrias on 15 years ago

I wish the boob fairy could make a pass by me.. :(

Also, I wish the waist/hip differential fairy could pass by me too >:P

#42 Karasu on 15 years ago

Celluclay? I haven't heard of that, but that's not a surprise. The craft thing is kind of new to me. Well, I thought the armour looked really nice besides.

How did you do the "guy cleavage" anyways, Karisu-sama?? I have a future costume that requires guy cleavage. Do I just ace bandange it and leave the rest to Photoshop or is there an actual technique??

#43 Karisu-sama on 15 years ago

When I use an ACE bandage, I usually whack the pics with Photoshop afterward to replace that bandage with "skin". However, at AX this year, what one saw WAS actually skin, not ACE. I used Sports Tape wrapped basically from the center vertical line of the breasts only around the back of my body: the method is explained in the very first post in this thread.

I think it worked amazingly well for looks (see attachment.) The chest I DO actually have totally disappeared! :p Like I said though, I might not get another chance to try it. (Rats!) It freaked my husband out, not the least because I did lose a bit of skin when I took it off.

EDIT: Celluclay is a fancy pulp paper-mache stuff. Pretty cool, dries veeeeery slowly, though. Sculptamold is a similar product which dries faster because it has plaster in it, but that makes it heavier, so I went with the Celluclay. Both products can be cut and sanded when dry.

#44 Karasu on 15 years ago

*ponders* I might have to do the ACE bandage thing. I could try the sports tape, but I am a C and you said it might not work for people above a B. I could try before Anime Iowa, haven't got much to lose. ^_^

Celluclay. . .. I'll have to keep that is mind for later!

#45 megumibish on 15 years ago

eeekkk!! love the family pic!!! that and recently moved to lowell. i lived there before but that was 6 yrs ago. i miss texas, heh and i used to live in long beach california family gets around...lets just say... just i don't know where to find anything...sah~~~