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#16 mochihead on 15 years ago

*clutching tummy, rolling on floor* wheeze. wheeze! Can't breathe. laughing too hard.

Ode to the Boob Fairy
an original homage by mochihead

Boob Fairy, Boob Fairy
You've blessed some, but not me
But I'd rather be small
Than size C, D or E!

Boob Fairy, Boob Fairy
You just passed me by
But that makes it easy
To crossplay a guy!

Boob Fairy, Boob Fairy
You skipped Karisu, too
But all the better to ogle
Her manly unchest Dilandu!

*bows* thank you, thank you. No money please.

#17 Karisu-sama on 15 years ago

ROTFLMAO!!! *wheeze* *cough* *dies*

#18 Wyna Hiros on 15 years ago

[Deleted. Sorry, left due to lack of time/interest]

#19 darienicole on 15 years ago

Sugoi! That is my new mantra!
*sob* I love crossplay. I think this is the first time I have ever been glad to be a 36A...

#20 Karisu-sama on 15 years ago

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by darienicole [/i]
Sugoi! That is my new mantra!
*sob* I love crossplay. I think this is the first time I have ever been glad to be a 36A... [/B][/QUOTE]
You and me both . ~___^ 36 AB here.

#21 mochihead on 15 years ago

*waves and bows again to everyone* Thank you, thank you. I'm available for showings at a coffee house near you.

Depending on the - er - moon *blink blink* I'm also somewhere between 36A-B. I like being relatively small - I don't hit myself in the face, I can do situps, I can lie down on my stomach. And it's easy to buy & wear clothes. (I also don't have hips, but that's another thread.) And after seeing what my girlfriend went through with her breast reduction, *shudders* . . .(why do all my friends feel the need to share EVERYTHING with me? I soooo do not need to see swollen cut up boobs! X_X)

#22 Karisu-sama on 15 years ago

I do martial arts, and I have never even wanted the Boob Fairy to make a return pass by me, heh...

Oi, but I do gots da nice child-bearing 36" hips. Pain in the butt for crossplay, LOL ^^

#23 mochihead on 15 years ago


Karisu-sama: you're so gonna anger the pun gods with that last comment!

The only time that I wanted boobs was when I have mammograms done. Maybe they'd stop trying to stretch me out from here to San Diego. It's like,
"EXCUSE ME! But those are my boobs that you are turning into pancakes."
"No, wait, we just need a little more to get a good picture."
"There isn't any more! *points to machine* See that little dimple over there? You've already pulled my belly button up into the xray!"

#24 Karisu-sama on 15 years ago

Eeek! Mammograms!! Haven't had one yet. *freeze* Uh, oh. I'm now old enough that I'm definitely supposed to get one. *ACK.* *ACK ACK ACK.*

Boy, are we off-topic.... :p

#25 kuro_nezumi on 15 years ago

I envy you people who the boob fairy skipped. I think she visted me twice v_v. I tried binding but it didn't work as well Karisu-sama's sucess's. But Karisu-sama your success are great! They're really impressive.

#26 mochihead on 15 years ago

*bows down & worships Karisu-sama's manly unchest again*

#27 Karisu-sama on 15 years ago

Silly silly silly! :p My husband calls it "freakish". :mad: (Whas'isproblem; I can revert, and I don't look like that normally! )

#28 lumichan on 15 years ago

Well I have nothing to say in relation to binding, but I must commend you on your Ode to the Boob Fairy, mochihead! :rofl: I think she missed my house too. ^_~

#29 mochihead on 15 years ago

Thanks lumichan, but all the credit goes to Karisu-sama. Without her & Boob Fairy, there would have been no inspiration & *kisses fingertips* no manly unchest to ogle. *sobs* *weeps tears of joy*

Oh, and to go back on topic again, make sure you use WIDE sports tape for the horizontal strips. Was having some fun yesterday trying to strap down the boobies, but could only find the 1" tape. Yikes! Looked like a blasted mummy gone bad. LOL

#30 Chosuke on 15 years ago

Bow down to the unchest!!

Augh.. i'm in gr.9 and I have 46B now x_X;
And my mom says oh so cheerfully 'When you grow up,you're going to have a chest just like me!!' Like I worry about being flat or something,If she only knew..x_X; God..I can feel the backproblems already from natural D's