Summer Photoshoot @ Centre Island

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#1 Elemental on 12 years ago

It's finally that time of year again!


Time for another picnic!

Want to know what the first picnic looked like? [URL=""]Click here![/URL]
How about the second? [URL=""]Here too![/URL]
And the third? [URL=""]Clicky![/URL]

The Fourth Annual Centre Island Cosplay Picnic and Photoshoot!

This year, we will do what we did in previous years: attack a grassy knoll near Centreville, park ourselves down, and relax under the shade of many trees. From there, people can socialize, run off to the nearby gardens and fountains for photos, and snag a few Centreville rides.


The picnic will take place on Saturday, August 4th, 2007.

Raindate: Saturday, August 11th, 2007 (If you're unsure if the raindate will be used, check this thread the day of.)


The Cosplay Picnic is expected to run from 11 am to 6:30-7pm. (See below for details!)


Centre Island and Ward's Island (they're connected). This includes the gardens, beaches, and Centreville. For those worried about money, it is possible to walk through Centreville without buying a pass. Also, there is a petting zoo filled with cute animals! And DUCKS!

[U]We are meeting at the docks, BEFORE you buy a ticket and enter to get on the ferry.[/U] We are meeting in front of the building that says "Ferry Docks". That's at the Toronto Ferry Docks at Bay Street and Queens Quay. Before the docks there are a few grassy knolls and trees, as well as a ticket booth that's normally not in use. Elemental and Pan will be there early, and will poke you if you are in costume (no idea what we'll be wearing ATM).

We will depart from there at 11am. If you're late, hop on the ferry and head towards Centreville. We'll set up camp in a shaded area near Centreville, so it'll be hard to miss us. If you know you will be late, contact Elemental and she will arrange phone contact numbers. Her e-mail address is: [email][email protected][/email]

This year we will be getting an official permit. It will be for the area directly in front of Centreville, so we will be easy to find.


All you have to pay for is the ferry to get to the island. The ferry costs $3.50 for students under 19 with a student card, and $6.00 for adults. Children are $2.50. These rates include the ferry ride there and back.

This year, please bring $1 (a loonie or change) to help cover the cost of the permit that Elemental will be buying ahead of time.

[U]Optional Extras:[/U]

There are snack bars throughout the island, fast food places within Centreville, and other areas in which you can spend money. However, you can bring your own food and drinks, and not expect to pay anything other than the ferry fee.

For those of you interested, Centreville passes are:

Individual ride pass:
Over 4' tall: $23.00
Children 4' and under: $16.50
Please note: You don't have to buy a pass to explore Centreville itself and you can buy single tickets as well.


Although this is a picnic, it's not a potluck. Bringing enough food for even 15 to 20 people can be a hassle, and varying tastes can be an issue as well. We're looking at 50+ attendees, easily. Not to mention the fact no one wants to lug their food all the way to and around the island, and then lug their empty containers around with them for the rest of the day. In other words: don't expect us to feed you.

On the other hand, random shareable foodstuffs are always welcome. If there's something that you'd like to share with the rest of us, by all means do so!


Bring SUNSCREEN! No one likes being burnt, and you if you don't bring sunscreen, you will burn.

Try [i]not[/i] to wear a costume that’s incredibly delicate, or has too many layers -- especially if it's made of synthetic fibers as it's easy to overheat. As well, being on an island means a COOL breeze and a significant drop in temperature at night. If you're planning a bikini costume, bring a jacket.

Just in case you've lived under a rock all your life, do NOT plan on swimming in Lake Ontario. (Unless you LIKE being neon green.)

And additionally, if you plan to go on the swan rides at Centreville, bring a towel.


This is a very loose photoshoot. There will be people there with cameras to take photos -- many of whom are semi-professional (or at least darned good). So, if you'd like your photo taken, all you have to do is ask. However, the emphasis of this picnic is to cosplay and have fun. Therefore, if you don't want your photo taken, it doesn't have to be (save for the giant group shots of doom). But if you would like some nice shots of your costume, just ask the people with the cameras!

Elemental will be doing private shoots for people while there. You can contact her about them at [email][email protected][/email]. Please put "Private Shoot" in the message title.


The Toronto Ferry Docks is located at the foot of Bay Street and Queens Quay, just West of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel.

[U]Directions by TTC[/U]

From Union Station take the 509 Harbourfront or the 510 Spadina streetcar south to the Bay and Queen's Quay Stop.

Alternately, take the Bay Bus #6 southbound from the corner of Front and Bay to the Bay and Queen's Quay stop.

Another alternative is to exit Union onto Bay Street and walk south to Queens Quay. (It's a short walk, about 10-15 minutes.)

The entrance to the ferry docks is on the south side of the street, just east of the Westin Harbour Castle hotel. There’s a large, glowing, blinking sign that will advertise the island. It’s hard to miss.


(These directions are from the website.)

Main entrance at foot of Bay St on Queens Quay: Enter through park and enter via walkway between Harbour Castle Westin Hotel and Harbour Castle condominiums. Parking is available 1 block north at Lakeshore and Bay, 1 block west on Queens Quay between Bay and York Sts, 1 block east opposite Toronto Star building adjacent to Captain Johns restaurant.

I honestly suggest taking the TTC. It’s easier, and considering how difficult parking downtown is, never mind how expensive, it really is the better route.

[U]Maps and More info:[/U]

- [URL=""]Ferry Service[/URL]
- [URL=""]Island Information[/URL]
- [URL=""]The Island’s Gardens[/URL]

[U]Other Points:[/U]

[U]No Fire[/U]
There will NOT be any BBQ or fire at this picnic. Costumes and wigs do not do well next to open fire sources, and open flames around a group of hyper teens is normally a bad plan to start with.

In previous years, a few picnic-goers have left a mess at the end of the day. Littering will not be tolerated. If you litter, we will ask you to leave. This goes without saying, but please be responsible and put your garbage and recyclables in the proper receptacles.

Even if it is sunny, past years it has rained later in the afternoon. You may want to check the weather report the morning of, and bring an umbrella if there's a chance of rain.

[U]Picnic Blankets[/U]
If you'd like a place to sit that isn't the ground, we suggest bringing a picnic blanket or towel.

[U]Other Times[/U]
Just in case you were wondering, Centreville closes at 5 pm. The ferry will run from 8:00 am to 11:45 pm Saturday.

[U]Contact Information[/U]
If you have a question or concern and that you'd like addressed in private, PM either Elemental or Pan-Chan. (Just don't send us the same message, since there's no point in us responding twice.) Alternatively, you can contact Elemental at [email][email protected][/email].

And because it comes up every year...
[i]Cosplay is NOT a requirement![/i] Everyone is welcome!

Questions? Comment here. This is the fourth year running, so we have a good idea of how things are.

We look forward to seeing you at the picnic! :3

#2 FeelLikeRain on 12 years ago

Yay. ^_^ I didn't get to go last year, which made me very sad, so here's hoping I can make it this year... although, I rather wonder if I can finish the costume I'd been wanting to debut at said photoshoot/picnic by then. <.< I'd best get started on that very soon...

#3 Rippin Kitten on 12 years ago

Last year was a lot of fun...though I got heat exhausted and a bit cranky by the middle of the afternoon :\
Aside from that, It was a really good time! It was fun walking around the park in costume :) and yay for student discounts on the ferry ride!
Maybe I'll check it out again this year.

#4 Blaze1662001 on 12 years ago

I am coming I missed this last year and I really wanted to come

#5 stillvisions on 12 years ago

Good to hear... I'm in.

And I'll hype this years by pluggin my shots from last year, if only because I didn't get them all up for a long time :)


Not the Jun 7-10 weekend if at all possible, but that's just me, and we'll all still probably be in AN recovery mode then...

#6 KazeChan on 12 years ago

OMG I wanna gooooooooooooooo <3

...we'll see XD i'll try, just need a date and what not.

#7 chaos_magician on 12 years ago

I really really want to go to this seeing as I've never gone to one but I'm going camping around the end of July, first week of August so I hope I don't miss it again ;__;

#8 chef_belegfea on 12 years ago

hopefully I can make it this year too... it was lots of fun last time... well the little bit I was there for was...

#9 FallenInnocence on 12 years ago

Last year's was loads of fun and I met many new people! I can't wait for this year's!

#10 Uta Arashino on 12 years ago

I didn't know about this before now, but I really hope I can come!
Though I'm gone for the last two weeks of July...I think.

#11 Kawaii Akina on 12 years ago

I'm totally going to this one again. 3rd time in a row. Just gotta make sure I can book this off. Since I'll be pretty busy during the summer time 'cause of work.

#12 TiyenaKayla on 12 years ago

I wanna go...... I "should" be able to go if I know ahead of time. As of right now anytime but the begining of August(my daught's b-day) should work for me.

#13 chicken_lover on 12 years ago

I didn't get to go last time, but I reallllllllllly hope I can come to this one. Then again, I have no one to go with, so my chances of going are slim, yet again. =/

#14 Mimiwu on 12 years ago

chicken- Wouldn't Kazey want to go? T__T;

Anyways, omfgzzz. It was so much fun last year. Minus the blisters on my feet from even sandals.

Most likely being AC Tifa, with meench as my Yuffie. : D Our friend as Aerith, too. Hopefully. xD

#15 KazeChan on 12 years ago

XD Mimiwu its true! I would probably end up going with Chicken!
I dunno about the summer so far o.o but i'll try!! ^_^