Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo/etc Cosplayers?

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#1 KittyCanuck on 11 years ago

What originally started as a shout-out thread to try to meet local cosplayers has turned into more of a general chatter thread with the occasional meetup.

Original post:
Any cosplayers around the Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo or Cambridge areas? Or in the outlying areas?

I know there's lots in Toronto and London and here I am stuck smack in the middle in Guelph! Toronto and London are both a bit far away for me for small gatherings that are only a few hours long (eg photoshoots, anime showings, picnics, cosplay-bowling, etc) so I'm looking for locals!

Any local cosplayers want to get together?

#2 Silver-skye on 11 years ago

I know a bunch of cosplayers in the Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo area. I'm a Guelphite myself and attend the University of Waterloo. Where in Guelph are you?

#3 Lady_Sodina on 11 years ago

I go to the University of Guelph myself, actually. Currently residing in Milton, but I stay in residence during the school year!

#4 Oselle on 11 years ago

I'm a Guelphite also. :)

#5 KittyCanuck on 11 years ago

Hey hey, this thread's finally getting some action! Yay!

I'm up in the north end, near Exhibition Park.
We should have a little Guelph cosplay meetup! Or go out for coffee or something. I don't know many people here in town yet at all!

#6 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 11 years ago

Ditto a Guelphite as well for … 20 years now lol
But will be living in Kitchener when school starts again in the fall.

The Flash Club at the UofG has a Anime section that gose to AN every year (in costume) and the UofW started to hold a mini convention in may the past 2 years at lest.

#7 Chibik3r0 on 11 years ago

Probably doesn't do me much good posting here now but I'm University of Guelph Alumni. I've long left the city though. I never found anyone local other than Oselle and I nerding it up on campus back in the day XD

#8 KittyCanuck on 11 years ago

I had joined FLASH while I was going to UoG, but at the time I was so busy with school and working to pay for school that I don't think I ever had time to go to a single event they had! o_0
I went to Gryphcon last year, though, and had a good time, though it was non-cosplaying.
Then I moved to London, and in the meantime, every single person I knew from UoG left town. Then I moved back here for work, and so I didn't know anyone again, but I saw lots of cosplayers come out of the woodwork in London right after I left. :P

I tend to be pretty shy still, so I sometimes have a hard time making new friends, so I figured I should be a little more proactive in finding some local people with similar interests to me. My coworkers all think dressing up is kinda stupid, so I had no luck there.
Now I sound like a giant loser. :p

#9 ChaoticMiracle on 11 years ago

Hey all,

I'm in Waterloo! :) So yeah, I live around the University of Waterloo when I'm in school. I think we're planning to have our 2nd WatCon some time in the fall...that might a good time for a meet up too :)


#10 Lady_Sodina on 11 years ago

I joined the FLASH group as well, but what with working part time and being a student full time, I just never had the chance to go out. I wouldn't mind getting together at some point for coffee or something with people from the area. It'd be fun!

#11 Dart:Dense Boy on 11 years ago

There's actually quite a large group of us from FLASH (University of Guelph) that head out and cosplay every year. (more go to AN than CN) We even have a mini cosplay party at the FLASH's year end party :P I actually used to be the president 2 years ago and am very active in the club - but i totally understand how school and a life make it hard to participate in club activities.

We end up having like 10 cosplay parties the two weeks before AN - seeing three sewing machines going at once is kind of amusing :) Or practicing walking around guelph in heavy costumes lol.

I'd be up for organizing a little cosplay get together :P I love getting use out of my costumes and getting pictures done lol. Maybe we could do a picnic or something at the arbortum? It has a great location to get some pictures and I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to get people together. Or we could all go out for coffee somewhere (costumes?) and just get to meet everyone that's in area. I love to meet new friends :)

#12 KittyCanuck on 11 years ago

I'd definitely be up for a picnic! Or just coffee. Anything to get a number of us together and meet new friends!
Though none of my costumes are completed enough to show off yet. You can hear the crickets chirping in my gallery. :P

I like the Arboretum idea. Would you believe I've never been there yet?

Since this was my thread, I guess I should step up and start organizing something, eh? It's one thing to sit around saying "yes, we should get together!" and another to actually do it. ^_~

This weekend is probably far too short notice, and next weekend is the long weekend so everyone probably already has plans.
What about the weekend of July 7/8? Maybe on the Saturday (the 7th)?

Are weekend days best for everyone interested, or would anyone prefer an evening on a weekday?

#13 Dart:Dense Boy on 11 years ago

I'd actually prefer an evening on a weekday just because it's easier for me as i have lots of stuffs going on on the weekend.

BUt i should be able to come on july 7 in the afternoon for a bit (i have a horse show the next day but i should be ready enough for it :)

#14 Silver-skye on 11 years ago

I'm in for July 7th. I just have to make sure I have the afternoon off work. Need some help getting ready, Dart? It's Jo.

#15 KittyCanuck on 11 years ago

All right, there'll be at least 3 of us then! ^_^

C'mon everyone else, care to join us? I'd love to meet as many people as possible!