how much did you spend?

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#1 chai_fiend on 14 years ago

[COLOR=Magenta]i won't be able to attend this year's (i promised myself it'd be my 18th birthday present-i'm 19 TT__TT) but i really want to go next year. i have problems budgeting so i wanted to know how much (on average) does it cost it attend yaoi-con, *all* expenses except for the hotel room. btw i'd be flying from the east coast.

#2 Sixshot on 14 years ago

Con attendence is around 30 and Airfare varies widley. You can eat for about 10 a mea within downtown SF but that's a bit farther away now. For the dealer room it depends how much doujinshi you buy, I didn't buy any last year so I get out with roughtly only $100 spent. But that was before I realized I was buy and got addicted to Bishounen so that will probably skyrocket now.