Ohayocon December Meet up!

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#16 NecromanticChii on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=KonekoMiyabi]I shall try my best to make it! Since it's Thursday night it probably won't be a problem. ^_^

Are we meeting up at the Game Works at Easton again? aaaand...are we cosplaying or just being in civvies?[/QUOTE]
You can cosplay, or go as a civvie. ^_^

wingzero1919- well I will count you for now

Misarylane- ok, you are counted as well. ^_^

Do any of you have Ohayocon forum names? If so, could you let me know? thanks..

#17 Misarylane on 13 years ago

mine is misarylane

#18 wingzero1919 on 13 years ago

mine is wingzero1919 - & I will be there, but a little late.

#19 Miyabi- on 13 years ago

mine is just Miyabi. ^_^

Hmm...is anyone else going to cosplay? I was thinking it would be cute to do Holiday versions of some of our costumes. ^_^

#20 NecromanticChii on 13 years ago


#21 marsie on 13 years ago

;_; I wish I could go...especially since Nikki-cole is there. But alas I have to work. And then spend time with the boy-toy. I'll send mental love your way though.

#22 NecromanticChii on 13 years ago

^_^ My boy-toy is comming...lol So yeah. I wish you could come. I am sorry that you will not be able to make it. *offers a special gift...but shhhh don't let anyone know what it is*

#23 Misarylane on 13 years ago

Miyaba what exactly would a christmas lenne look like? im cosplayeing at easton if i can. i dont mind makin a santa lenne.

#24 Misarylane on 13 years ago

Oh yeah were will we meet? hottopic, gameworks, claires??? tell me a store and i bet i know where it is.

#25 Miyabi- on 13 years ago

Maybe just meet in front of Gameworks?

I was just going to wear Chrno and put on reindeer antlers since the poor little guy is forced into a reindeer costume by Rosette in the Christmas episode. ^_^

#26 Misarylane on 13 years ago

sorry i spelled your name wrong. gameworks it is. im just gonna make a normal citizen outfit....(yeah normal)

#27 NecromanticChii on 13 years ago

Misarylane- in the area in front of HotTopic.
Konekomiyabi- that will look cute. ^_^
Misarylane- I can not changwe the place to meet. ^_^ this is the same place everyonemet last time for the Halloween one. ^_^ Sorry, but it is only 20 feet away...lol

#28 Misarylane on 13 years ago

...*blank stare* hottopic or gameworks? sorry peeple keep changin it im confuzzled.

can the person who knows for sure please pm me cuz this is torture and im gonna end up not coming .(i get really lost when im confuzzled)

#29 kalajessta on 13 years ago

I wish I can attend, but unfortunally not having a liscens is rather annoying.

#30 Miyabi- on 13 years ago

Craaap...I have to work that day until 12am. >_< Work gave a big "no go" on my request of having it off. Sorry guys! *pout*

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